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So I’m doing an agent mission, d scanning the whole time, no combat scanners seen yet am ganked while in the middle of nowhere. How exactly am I getting tracked?

It was probably a NPC, triglavian

Nope. Same guy has nailed me before. Honestly don’t know how to scan someone down in open space without combat scanner

There are some missions and locations that have “toxic clouds” which deal damage in waves.

Keep an eye on local chat. Sometimes the chat box will say something along the lines of “A wave of toxic gas is incoming.”

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Sorry… missed this part.

Very skilled people (with the right equipment) can achieve locks on targets while keeping probes out of range from D-Scan.

Another possibility:
Are you, by chance, doing Faction Warfare missions?

If so, probes are not needed. A public beacon is activated for the whole system when someone warps to a Faction Warfare encounter for the first time.

If this is the case, here is a pro-tip: Grab a whole bunch of these missions with at least 2 other people doing the same thing. Run together as a group and knock down the missions one-by-one.
If too many or a particularly skilled hostile shows up, leave the system and move on to the next mission. Come back later when things have settled down.

and what about linking the killmail, and also giving us some details like where, etc, so that we can try to help you?


Depending on what you are doing - it could be that the site has been prescanned. I used to do this. Scan all of the sigs in system and bookmark them. Then if you see someone in system on dscan near a sig - you can warp cloaked in and surprise them. Also some skilled people can use dscan to find targets without using probes. Either one of these could have been why you were found.

Here Moa | Sobieski Taranogas | Killmail | zKillboard

So it was a level 2 agent mission in Kubinen. No signature just warped into where the agent directed. I’m hardly a skilled pvp’r so I am clueless how I am tracked and locked while in open space without combat probes. Hell I have scanned down ships using Dscan but they’re typically around an signature or structure.

So any help is appreciated!

Not trying to be smart ass but where did you get that fit??? Tracking computers don’t do anything for Railguns…

is it possible however, that you had the wrong settings on Dscan, and they didn’t use combat probes, or he possibly was close enough to figure out how to warp to you??

If you look at the kill board of your killer, you can see he has a long history of attacking mission runners in Kubinen, a 0.4 system.

He obviously knows the system inside out, and where the mission runners will be. I expect he can d-scan you very accurately if needed.

He has also barely lost any ships in recent times, so it’s not easy to judge his fit or preferred ship, but he’s lost a Curse a while back, which is a recon ship which won’t show on your d-scan.

It is always worth doing research on the systems you are to visit because the local killers’ habits are worth getting know.


Just ask Judas. He knows and is very likely to tell you how he tracked you down.

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Well, the only realistic ways to access a newly created mission pocket is to warp to you if you are in a fleet, or scan you down with combat probes.

So if you weren’t in a fleet, it was combat probes. My guess he is a very efficient combat probe scanner and scanned you down just as you were landing, perhaps before you were dscanning? Or with good skills and dscan he probably can position his probes such that he gets a 100% hit in one cycle maybe between your dscans? He then waits a bit for you to get into the mission, and then drops on you, apparently out of nowhere.

This should not be possible if you are dscanning every 5 seconds continuously from the moment you break gate cloak (with the correct filter settings), and you would see the probes at some point. The simplest explanation is that you did not do this, and he scanned you down before you were dscanning, or as @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras said, your dscan filter settings aren’t correct and don’t show combat probes.

But yeah, just ask him! He’ll likely tell you how he did it.


Thanks. Make sense. As you can see, I don’t pvp much and mostly stuck with exploration and missions. Thanks again.

Thanks! I tend to assume that no one is going to give away their tricks for ganking but I guess all he’ll say is no.

Some will tell you what they did, to actually help you not be a victim again…

My guess is he was cloaked off the mission station, with probes already launched and positioned out of d-scan range.

When you undock and warp, he can see in what direction you’ve warped, after this he only needs to play with d-scan range and he’ll have a very good idea of where you warped. At this point, you drop probes on that location in a 0.5 formation and pull immediately after they get a hit. The probes will only be on scan for a few seconds.

One way to circumvent this is to bounce from station to a safe spot before warping to your mission. He won’t have the exact direction, so he’ll have to spend more effort locating you.

Mind, this is no guarantee, he can still wave his d-scan cone around until he spots you…

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