Combat Probes

I’m interested to make it as much harder to other player to scan me down with combat probes.
what metrics affect it, and should i increase or lower them?
can i also affect how other see me on D-scan?

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D-scan will always detect you as long as you are within scan radius

As for being scanned down for probes I think the value you want to lower is signature radius, you should easily see the description of one of the ship attributes on the Fitting Simulator.

Both methods are rendered useless when you are cloaked.

How easy you are to be probe-out is dependent on the ratio of sig-radius to sensor-strength (yes, your own ships sensor strength, as silly as that sounds).

Fitting Sensor Boosters, and packing them full of ECCM scripts will make you harded to be probed.

The attributes that affects the difficulty of someone scanning you down with Combat Probes are Signature Radius and Sensor Strength. If you can manage to lower your ships Signature as well as increasing your Sensor Strength significantly; on a general notice you should aim at have equal to or above Signature Radius in your Sensor Strength. I would also like to point out that, regardless of how much you might try, it’s impossible to become unscannable (excluding Cloaking Devices).

Modules that increases Sensor Strength:

  • Sensor Booster /w ECCM script - Mid Slot active module
  • Signal Amplifier - Low Slot passive module

Only way to be undetectable by Dscan is to fly Combat Recon Ships.

I hope this can help you out :hugs:

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I will make one amendment to this, Combat Recons are a T2 Cruiser who are invisible to D-Scan, but they can be probed down.

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Also, if you have drones out, they are considered separate entities from your ship, as far as being able to be probed down, and how hard it is.

And, keep in mind that if you’re at an anomaly, complex, or exploration site, they don’t have to probe down your ship, they can just use exploration probes to find the location of the site, and warp to the site.

Confirm, a bunch of drones is a juicy scanning target. And most times I get the emitting ship as scan result while I scan down drones.

If I fit cloaking device on a recon ship I’ll be totally undetectable?

Not quite true, you would still show up in local chat everywhere but worm holes. The question is why bother, the cloak makes you invisible to D-Scan, probes and visual detection so the use of a combat recon is not needed.

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