Sig radius/sensor str

is there a easy way to figure out what probe strength you need to scan a ship down that has 420 sig radius and 813 radar str?



If there is a simple way to find out the probe strength needed for a sig radius/sensor strength combination, I would like to know it too.

I was looking for this as well a couple days ago and found different sources (including the nice page Oriki linked above), but none with a simple explanation linking minimal probe strength needed for a ship sig with certain radius divided by sensor strength…

Also, many of the sources are too old to mention that it is impossible these days to have an unprobable ship, it seems there’s a cap on how low you can get your sig radius divided by sensor strength. 1.08 from the top of my head, but I haven’t found any official sources yet.

This means that 813 radar strength may be overkill and that it does no more than something around 400 sensor strength in your case.

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What used to be unprobable or a few .x’s in the range of it will be will need a perfect scanner, in a bonused ship and sisters gear. Implants as well irrc.

Rough guestimate that 2 ratio means one of these doesn’t have to be perfect. Or sans implants.

Practical methods to see how this works can be have a scanner alt find your main. Or get a friend/corpmate to “hunt” you down.

If your friend is a scanning pro who says damn you were hard to find…you are doing something right lol.

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its what we have been doing at best 68% scan … no implants at all and i believe that was with sister gear… no implants tho.

result % = probe_str × target_sig(m) / target_scan / probe_size(AU) /2.14 ?
On pinpoint centered on the target no reduction.

so to scan with 100% on pinpoint with 0.5 AU you have
probe_str = 100 × target_scan/target_sig × 1.07 = 107 × target_scan/target_sig. Now it looks like there is a bound to the target_scan/target_sig factor so you replace it with min(factor, target_scan/target_sig)
If you are moving the probes you can gain the 7% so it becomes 100×target_factor

You should have in the 70 ish probe strength which means you need 102 probe strength.
your target has a factor of 1.94. theoretically you should need 194 which would mean that the bound is 0.5 ¿?

edit : I made more tests and even with big signature (pacifier has highest scanstr/sig base) no effect of going over scan_stren = 0.5×sig so it seems like the target factor is min(0.5,str/sig).

In you case going over 420/2 = 210 sensor str seems useless.

generally any of those ships :

Gold Magnate 0.5
Virtuoso 0.5
Monitor 0.5
Manticore 0.5121951219512195
Sentinel 0.5121951219512195
Keres 0.5348837209302325
Hyena 0.5384615384615384
Kitsune 0.5714285714285714
Caedes 0.6285714285714286
Chremoas 0.7
Pacifier 0.8333333333333334

is already at max scan resistance

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