(Nearly) unprobe-able ships

So I understand that Incarna made it impossible to create ships that were impossible to scan down. And that the calculation sig rad / sensor strength has had a hard limit placed on it.

Does anyone know what the limit for that calculation is? I’ve seen suggestions of 1.08 or 1.04 but without any substantiation.

I want to understand at what point adding extra sebos or sig amps becomes a waste of space (Helios with 1x sebo 2x sig amp and good not perfect Skills gives 0.88 per Neocom II) - looking to fit up a hard to scan explorer for null / w-space exploration…

Thanks all

You’re probably better off just using a Cloak at that point.

Helios + cov-ops cloak is unprobable. If you’re worried about people warping to you once you actually reach a relic site, don’t. The real danger is from people who are already at relic sites cloaked and waiting to ambush you


I hunt explorers, I rarely use combat probes to do so. Your cloak is your best defence, but once in a site you will need to decloak. However in that case being hard to scan is pointless, since people will scan down the site, not you!
You’ll need to pay attention to d-scan (to watch for regular probes) and overview (to watch for ships decloaking next to you) if you see either you want to warp away as fast as possible, fitting align speed mods in your lows helps a lot there.

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Thank you guys - great point that hunters will likely probe the site not me - most likely place for an unexpected Helios is in a data/relic site unless it’s a hostile scout, in which case it would be cloaked. So there’s actually no real benefit for an explorer to fit to be hard to scan than! Good to know.


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