Exploration help

Hello fellow capsuleers o7

I have been wanting to get into exploration in nullsec space and would like some advice.
I have currently been skilling for a Stratios but considering the price of the hull and modules i would like something more expendable, at least until i get the hang of nulsec and started making a decent income.
Any and all help on ships/fitting would be most appreciated, also any advice offered about nulsec exploration in general.
Thank you all for your time.

Do you want to hunt people doing exploration or do exploration yourself?

If doing exploration yourself, ie data/relic sites then look to a T2 Cov Ops Exploration Frigate, so a Helios, Anathema, Buzzard or Cheetah depending on your preference.

If you want to maybe hunt other explorers then an Astero.

I was looking more for exploration myself. i will look into those ships and fittings for them
thank you

This is my fit on the Helios

[Helios, Louden]
IFFA Compact Damage Control
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Scan Rangefinding Array I
Scan Pinpointing Array I
Relic Analyzer II
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Data Analyzer II

Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Small Emission Scope Sharpener I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

If you don’t want to fight, and only scan and hack, a Stratios is not the optimal choice for nullsec.
It is just much slower than the frigates already mentioned. Every Covert Ops frigate is a viable choice for the piecefull prey… errrr, explorer.
But if you want to be able to defend yourself but scan a bit less effective, the Astero might be the better choice.
It has one simple advantage: Offensive capabilities, which T2 scanning frigates just don’t have. T1 scanning frigates however do, but they can not warp cloaked and are less tanky than an Astero can be.

What help are offensive options when you just want to scan down things, you ask? It will make other players think twice before engaging you. Bombers for expample can usually kill T1 or T2 scanning ships rather easy but a full flight of light droens from an Astero should deal so much damage to a Bomber that it dies before the Astero.

Assuming the ships are fitted for scanning & hacking, the “foodchain” of what dies to what in a theoretical 1v1 situation is the following:

T2 Scanning (Covert Ops) Frigates & Intercetpors fitted for Scanning/Hacking
will die to:
T1 Scanning Frigates
will die to:
will die to:
will die to:
everything bigger than a frigate that manages to lock you up before you can warp.

But be also aware that someone who might theoretically be killable by your current ship might have firends. And this changes everything. So the best bet is to not get caught in the first place. It’s a good idea to play very “introverted” and run away from any possible interaction with other players. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was you, I also would not try to enter nullsec through gates. Rather go through wormholes. (But do not take the one right in Jita or Perimeter, that’s very everyone goes)

And if there is someone else in local, always use dscan and have it setup to show scanner and combat scanner probes, so you know when someone might be looking for you.
Tipp: If you have probes on scan, an there are 8 of them within 3 AU of your current position, you can assume than the person handling these probes have found the site you are in. That is the time to be prepared to warp within a split second. (Having a celestial selected so you only have to click “warp to” can save your ship here)

Also don’t just bump into the cans by "Approach"ing them. “Keep at range 2200m” instead. So you can still loot the can, but you are far enough away to at least initially cloak up if someone appears near you. This can prevent initial locks. Keeping at range also should prevent you from bumping off from the can, which might slow down the time you enter warp.
If you managed to warp away from a hostile to a celestial, immidiately warp again, ideally to a safe spot. Skilled pilots will see the direction you where going when you didn’t manage to cloak and can estimate the celestial you where going to and follow you.

Go for Astero.

It’s easier to start with it than T2 frigates (less skills required), also it’s better to avoid/escape pirates.
Good pilot in Astero (I am not talking about in-game skils, more “player” skills) is untouchable to pirates.

Thank you for all of your information.
I have currently run into a few gate camps entering nulsec and will start to go through wormholes instead. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks you for the advice, i will take this into account :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fit, will use this on my Helios until i can afford to fly the astero :slight_smile:

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