How do you get backed in a PvE area only you can see?

Hello! I recently got a mission to get some items in a PvE mission, but I was required to go into Lowsec so I insured my ship, and got to it. Hit the warp accelerators, fought the AI, was clearing it ok, until I had someone drop in on me and gank me. Fought em as best I could, but a Tengu vs a basic Thorax kitted for PvE only was not going to do well for me. And fair is fair! Good fight. But I mostly was confused on how someone was able to actually arrive there and finish up the battle against me. Like, I am pretty sure only I can see the Accel gates, so mostly I am curious if Directional Scan can be used to jump at something you pick up, because I can’t seem to do it myself. Any info helps! I’m not new per se to the game, been semi active for years, but meta wise and such I am still probably noob levels sans some industry stats and skills. So any help is appreciated.

You got combat probed. And yes, other players can see the jump gates. They aren’t only visible to just you.

Interesting! I figured they appear naturally in terms of scanning them and going to them if you can locate them, but they wouldn’t appear otherwise right? Like they don’t spawn on your main screen or on your overview for anyone. Still, good to know! Anything I can realistically do about combat probes locating where I’m active?

The gates don’t show up, but your ship, drones, or MTU does. If you are still actively running the mission, they can’t warp directly to you though. Let’s say you are in room number 3 of a mission site, they will get dropped at the first gate and have to go through the other two gates to get to you.

Keep your dscan window open and watch for combat probes, especially in low sec.

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Long story short, if you are running a mission, and you are in the second, third, or even fourth “room” of that mission, you have plenty of time to notice them and get out, because they have to travel from gate to gate the same way you did.


Makes sense! Thank you very much for the explanation. I’ll have to remind myself to check directional scan, though it might be hard to juggle that with killing the PvE site. Either way, thank you again for your patience with me.

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You will have to drop a bookmark upon arriving at location to ensure you get back if you dont use the journal. Missions that have locked gates (meaning you need said key or person to get through) may be the only missions they cant get to you.

Might i suggest moving further away from that agent so you do not get sent to losec

Main issue is that it’s a Lvl 3 guy, and the closest one to my corp’s base for a faction I have a lot of experience with at this point. Not sure where I would go without having to move a lot of assets to get to, or if nothing else temporarily abandoning my friends. Well, those who are still active.

You can use the agent finder to find the next closest L3 agent to you. Could be one jump away, but that one jump could also mean mo more trips to losec

If your faction (caldari state, gallente Federation etc.) Is over 3.00 modified than you can use any L3 agent for that whole faction. If you are saying faction when you mean corporation, then if its 3.00 modified, like caldari navy, or corporate police force etc. Then you have access to any L3 agent for that corporation

Edit: assuming you are an alpha clone, if you dont have any social skills trained, i would def train up connections, social.

This skill is so crucial in Eve, here are some tips:

  • You can pop-out the D-Scan result list from the solar system map, it takes up far less space this way.
  • Use hotkeys. Press V (default but changeable to spacebar) every second to see your result list update. This isn’t hard to do while hacking, combat site running, etc. This will serve you well for the rest of your time in New Eden, especially Anoikis.
  • Use a proper Overview as a Filter. For example, Z-S Overview has „D-Scan Offense“ and „D-Scan Defense“ filters. The Defense one aggressively filters so that almost only ships and combat probes appear for you, letting you quickly skip the noise. 8 combat probes 2AU or less distance is a bad sign.

Good luck.


A few tricks to do this easily:

  • drag the dscan result window onto the chat channel stack, so that it becomes a tab (that’s the one you will always want to see in EvE, chat is not that important while doing stuff in dangerous space, unless you have intel channels you want to follow - in that case you swap to the dscan tab only if someone entered your system)
  • you can reprogram the dscan button to something that is handy (like an extra mouse button), so you can spam it.

If you pick a distance of 1-2 AU and 360 degree radius as your dscan settings, and something does show up while you’re pve’ing in a gated site (for anoms you keep your 14.3 AU for fast identification), you know it’s probably best to leave. The good news is, cloaky ships get decloaked when they take the acceleration gates, so there’s that, you will see them if you use your dscan as supposed to. It’s very hard to catch someone who’s paying attention. Not all sites and situations have acceleration gates. In that case your most loyal friend is Local chat. Pull that out of the chat stack, make it narrow, and put it separate on your screen: someone shows up in local → get safe !

If you run pve stuff in hostile space, always prepare in advance: where are you going to warp to when needed. A safe spot is only a temporary solution against someone with probes (tengus often have them for hunting), so make a few, bounce around, see if you spot combat probes etc etc.

All in all nothing new, just standard practice.

Have fun dodging hunters, it’s usually a lot more fun than the pve :smiley:


I would be a bit more paranoid than that. A skilled prober will locate you through d-scan then immediately drop probes on your location and pull them back the moment they get a hit, you may not even see the probes but if you even see a single combat probe within 14.3 AU in a low sec system, assume someone is hunting you.

They still have to take the gate though (and a tengu will have to decloak to take the gate… they can cloak up again during the gate warp and hope they don’t get decloaked on landing.) So you can still play risky after seeing probes, align out and wait for them to jump (and miss) you.

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