Ganked After Warp Filament Exploration

I was doing the warp convergence exploration thing. I warped to a safe space and I activated the filament and was in the “space”. After I was done, I exited the space and was immediately ganked by two awaiting ships in K space.

How did they find me? or rather how did they find the filament trace if I was at a space spot?

Scan probes.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:

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scan probes can scan filament traces?

Yesm they can. Its an abyssal trace, so yea.

oooh. ok thanks. learnt something new again.

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You def don’t wanna run abyss in cal space.

Tho Cliff tends to go everywhere but he only goes after bling.

I suspect you just got blapped by someone wanting to try it out due to the increased volume.

If I recall correctly you need combat scan probes (so not the regular core probes that you use to scan down cosmic signatures) to scan down filament traces.

ok got it.

yup ok thank you.

There are several tactics regarding traces. When you come out you have a moment of invincibility. You can actually activate a new filament if you time it right and get away by going into another one. Of course you’ll come out again eventually. They can prevent you from doing so by anchoring a mobile depot as you’ll be too close to it.

In high sec there are some systems where you can’t anchor a mobile depot but you still can use the filament. Also if you have an alt the alt could shoot the ganker to preemptively call Concord. You can also warp in a bowhead or other ship that has a hangar and quickly store your ship before they can gank you. Then they likely aren’t prepared for the much higher tank on the storage ship. Etc.

If not in high sec then doing the filament at a deep safe (further than max dscan range from all celestials) in an empty system can help. You can see a trace on d scan. However if someone enters system, sees no one in local, and no trace on d scan, likely they won’t waste their time combat probing for the off chance a trace they can’t dscan might be there.

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wow good stuff. thanks!

what system did you die? if it’s jita, then try to find a quiet system. lots of gankers like to patrol jita for targets.

yeah it was jita.

Yeah………… Don’t use filaments in busy systems. Jump to a quieter part of space and do it from there.

gotcha. thanks.

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