New Player Exploration


I am returning to EVE after 5 ish years away so i am relearning all the basics with a new toon. I was industrialist before so didn’t really explore the other sides of EVE. I have just finished all the Exploration Career missions and wanted to know what Sec of space is good place to start scanning stuff down. I starting mainly in KS to get my feet under the table before i dip into WH.

The main thing i was after was were to is a good place to start ?


Once you have done a bit of exploration in High sec and know the basics, you could try exploring in more dangerous parts of space.

As you mentioned, wormholes are a good way to get to other places to explore.

But one thing that has been relatively recently added to EVE is filaments. These items can teleport you (and a couple other ships in your fleet) to a random system in EVE, giving you a good chance to get to regions of space without exploration competition quick.

It has some dangers, and it may be tricky to come back home ( although you can use wormholes, Thera, filaments into Pochven and out of Pochven to help), but it is fun!

Thanks for the info, this sounds really cool and something i will look into once i have found my feet

You can use the filaments for just one person though you do need to create a fleet to use them. A fleet of one as it were.
The Noise filaments will send you usually to quiet or empty spots in null. Getting back to Hi sec is a matter of finding a wormhole or Thera connection or a really long and dangerous trek