Lowsec filaments

Hi all, I’d like to see filaments for lowsec as well. It would help solo/small-gang pvpers in lowsec (like me) to jump around space faster, getting into the action faster. It could also cause interesting FW fights.

I don’t really want instanced PVP, just ways to travel around space faster, since most of lowsec is dead quiet anyway.

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Rule of thumb for the forums, if anyone uses the word “interesting” (or a synonym) to support their idea, the idea is bad. This rule remains true here.

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Try wormholes. Filaments are weak sauce.

Filaments are magic travel, they make me think we need a finger guillotine for developers.

.1 M3 and can transport a ship much further than any jump fatigue allows, any gate is capable of.

Filaments should have a 99.9% chance of blowing up in your hold.



I thought the filaments were for just instanced stuff like PVP, are there ones for getting around in regular old K-space or is this the whole idea?

The Hadozeko filament will teleport me instantly to Hado no matter where i am in game for example

There are two special magic filaments. One is the magic “take me to nullsec to krab” - it takes you to some abandoned dead-end nullsec system so you can do your thing in almost perfect safety. The other one is “take me to nullsec to go berzerk” - it takes you to some populated nullsec system so you can pounce on the residents without warning.

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The old Combat Inty pilot in me is intrigued. At the same time though I dunno

“Noise” and “Signal” they are called. You get one of them as a free goodie for logging in.

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Ah yes, I’ve seen these. I got a pile of these filaments and not really sure what any of them do. Loving the 1v1 event lately. Anyway I digress. Do they have a filament that can bring you back, or do you have to drive your PVE Rattlesnake across null to get home?

FW warzones really aren’t that big, and to move a fleet of Frigates and Destroyers across it doesn’t take too long. Maybe it’s got it’s situation I dunno.

Or you could just go two jumps through a drifter wormhole and accomplish the same thing. To me, the filaments are an embarrassment to the playerbase. We should not encourage people to be lazy scrubs.

People here are angry as hell lmao

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