Pochven filaments - easy way to extract your exploration loot

With new filaments, you can jump from any (null) system to pochven and use another filament from pochven to get to hisec.

I don’t really mind, since it saves my time from scanning wh chain to get back home. But I think this was overlooked by CCP and gives way to easy option to evacuate from null. Especially with incoming stealing rating isk.

Anyway, if someone didn’t thought about this, here is your tip of the day :wink:


That’s not an oversight. That’s on purpose.

CCP wanted the inbound Pochven filaments to be extremely rare. But then they discovered that nobody was going to Pochven . . .

So now the filaments are common. Why wander through null or use a wormhole? Use the magic teleportation instead.

The best part is that half the Trig minor victories are right around Jita, so they are very convenient.

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If this becomes a reliable way to travel around and thus encourages more people to fly around in space, it’s a positive in my book.

i like the needlejack ones
it makes day trips to null a pleasure

except wen they kill my phantasm
stop killing my phantasm
rude :frowning:
just die

Don’t forget to bring a key for their bank vault.


Problem is that they are abused in many ways. see main post, or when filament is used to simply get out of fight you don’t want to take.

Ideal of filaments is not bad. Implementation is bad. They favor one side too much and has zero risks and downsides when using. You cloak up and wait for timer to end or jump between safe spots. It’s almost impossible for defending fleet to catch you and that is my problem with filaments. There should be more downsides and restrictions. Making people trying to jump more vulnerable.

It’s not abuse, but sure, whatever.

well if you pew pew you cant use another for 10 min
if you don’t you can search a better area to roam
i think its fair
i got involved in exciting chases

dont know nothing about

im talking about needlejack only

Pretty sure, this is a planned effect. I already started using Povchen for that. It’s super handy to have Amarr and Jita only a couple jumps apart again, guaranteed. Also long roams are more worth doing, because you can instantly teleport home. The only thing is max 15 people at once can extract like that, compared to the 25 who can needlejack.

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