i have seen conflicting posts about where to find these. is there anyone that can say for a certainty where these spawn? what data/relic sites, space they are more likely to pop up in etc. also is WH space better to find them?

I have only found them in data sites. I’ve got them in LS, NS and wormhole space. I assume the drop rate is the same in all regions. Never tried high sec though.

In wormhole space, you’re gonna die. I’d stick to low if you’re purely after the filaments.

so what is in the site? is it just the regular data sites that you scan into? or are there enemies? i only “came back” yesterday and briefly read through the notes.

Yeah, they;re just the normal data sites that you find and hack. There’s no combat involved. If you’re scanning in wormholes, the data sites you want to hack should be named after a pirate faction e.g. Guristas, Serpentis.

thanks. im used to W space but i will try low first

Q: Where to find Filament(s)?, used to get into Abyssal Depths space.
A: Filaments are only found in containers in (Pirate Faction) Data sites. The probability of finding them are significant higher the higher level (1-4) of the Data site. Meaning that the best chances are in Lowsec, Null and WH space. Highsec seems to have a very low drop rate, based on reports.


wow an actual dev response. thanks for the info

It’s an ISD, short for Inter Stellar Dude. Devs have a CCP in front of their name.

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To be correct, it’s Interstellar Service Department. We are a group of Player volunteers under CCP supervision, our tasks varies abit depending on which team we are part of, one thing is common amongst them all, that is; We are here to help our fellow EVE players.

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Than I must be exrtemly lucky to find one in the very first data site, that poped in my high sec mission hub system. I must say I never ever saw data sites poping up so quick in system, I use to missioning. Seems high sec explorers are extremly bisy and the low chance of finding a filament compensated by very high rate of sites respawns.

Beg to differ:

I found a filament in a relic site.
The drop chances may be smaller than for data sites (probably even a lot so) but filaments can be found outside of data sites.

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