Nullsec Data Site Running survival tips

So I’ve been running data sites and relic sites in nullsec area, making some pretty good isk (Say 10-15 mil an hour, maybe more.) One of the things I’ve found, is that often I seem to spend more time traveling from null to high to offload and sell my goods, cause often I’m getting upwards of 20-30mil in a 1.7mil heron. Is there any survival tips and other tips to possibly increase my earnings or cutting down my travel time?

Perhaps filaments? A Needlejack filament will put you into random nullsec space. Then you can use a Pochven filament to enter Triglavian space, and another Pochven filament to exit back into highsec.

It will cut into your profits but hey, thats the price of convenience baby

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What about Thera holes? Would those be able to help get into nullsec areas easier?

I dont know what those are

Essentially a shortcut between systems through the wormhole system Thera

In former times I was basing out of Stain (NPC null), and ventured into adjacent sov space for relic sites. Extracted via wormholes from time to time when the chains were good. 15m/hour sounds pretty low, you should make >100M/h with for example Sansha relic sites. Outside events data sites are mostly trash.

Any idea what some constellations/regions in Stain? Would you reccomend it for a newer player? You also mention wormholes, how do you manage to find chains like that? I’m still learning the game too.

Sites are all the same in Sansha space, Stain is heavily camped, that’s why I was going to Esoteria etc. But this was all years ago, things have changed and Stain has a lowsec connection now.

Wormhole chains for exfiltration work like that, the lower class a wormhole is the higher likelihood of a connection to low/highsec, hence you scan yourself from high class (which you usually find entrances in nullsec) down to low class until you find a suitable highsec or lowsec exist. You can get the details of a system when you google for the J-system name.

However nowadays I would just go with Pochven filaments as suggested above. The most convenient method.

How do you identify a wormhole class? I’ve not seen anything that shows what class it is.

When inside the hole the quickest way is to look at the region name. A-R00whatever means C1, B-R00whatever means C2, C-R00yougetthepointbynow means C3, same for D (4) E (5) and F (6).

I can recommend looking in Wormholes rather than trying to dive in and out of nul-sec. Access is easier.
It requires a few changes to your operation - bookmark everything, especially the hole you entered through so you can quickly get back out. It doesn’t need to be permanent, a 3 day bookmark is normal for me.
D-scan is your friend. There is no local channel in wormholes, you don’t know if someone is in there with you. As an explorer doing purely safe hacking in an unarmed ship then you can assume anyone you see will attack you as enthusiastically as a sugar-overdosed five year old with a baseball bat approaches a pinata.

Useful references:
Wormhole Database for eve online - what type (such as “C391”) leads to where.
WH Systems Database for eve online - so you know what the character of the system is.Public:Exploration Site Safety Guide - The Explorer's Compendium - 'cos know if it’s dangerous is nice.

Thera Wormhole Map - EvE-Scout - if you still want to cut through Thera.


Noise Filament into Null Sec… clear sites, Noise Filament to another Null Sec region… Clear sites. When full use Pochven Border Filament … If a Wormhole beacon exists in that system … warp to it and exit to HS. If no wormhole beacon, wait out timer and use Glorification Filament to jump to HS. Use the ingame map to check for players in space/docked past 30 minutes to determine if your going to start jumping gates in Null Sec. eve is handy tool for getting from point A > B.

So some wormholes go into null, I’m guessing if it goes into null it’s a c1? But most null systems don’t have B-R

So do all wormhole datasites/relic sites have enemies that need clearing, or do some not? Because looking on the EVE university they all have sleepers, and I don’t necessarily want to get 1 shotted by sleepers if I can help it. If it requires cloaking, I can’t do it since I am not an Omega clone at all.

You don’t need a cloak for wormholes - being alert and using d-scan is more important. Go somewhere safe away from anywhere in the system to do your scanning.

A T1 explorer is a very nimble ship - faster into warp than the T2 explorers.

Look ar the safety guide I linked - the same pirate faction Dara and relic sites appear in the lower wormholes as appear in nul. They are unguarded.
The Guide gives you the names.

Ah, so C(whatever) is the class of the wormhole system, not the wormhole itself. There are a bunch of different wormhole types, but generally the only thing an explorer needs to look out for is if the hole is reaching the end of its natural lifetime, which means it’s got less than 4 hours before it collapses. “Show info” on the wormhole to see that. Another thing with the show info box is that you can get a good guess of what class the system on the other side is. Unknown space is c1-c3 (this is the only one that has pirate data/relic sites, the ones you can hack safely), dangerous unknown is c4 or c5, and deadly unknown is c6.

Yeah, sorry, should have been a bit more obvious in my response.

The “wormhole systems” are actually star systems in the Anoikis cluster. They are named Jnnnnnn (J=six digits). They are classed as C1 to C6, with C1 being the least harsh environment. For example, J100640, is a nice Class 2 wormhole with a static wormhole to hi-sec and one leading to a differing Class 4 system. Static wormholes are ones that always form, but when they life expire they connect to a different, but same type of, destination.
Wormholes are the “jumpgates” between Anoikis. They have a Annn type naming, such as M267 which identifies where they go to (in the case of M267 it goes to a Class C3 Anoikis system).

Ruined {faction} Relic sites and Cental {faction} Data sites, the same as those in nul-sec, are in class C1 to C3 systems. These are safe - though, as with nul-sec, keep an eye out for people hunting you.

If you want to go wormhole diving then start well away from the trade hubs - those systems connected by wormholes near a trade hub tend to be busier. Quiet and empty is good!

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So I’ve found whats called pathfinder for Eve online? Don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but it shows you kinda where you are, including wormholes. According to it, I’ve visited a c2 class wh, but I never found any pirate data/relic sites that are safe to do in a t1 explorer like a heron. And there was like 10+ sigs in the system I scanned down. Any idea if that’s just a fluke or if I should keep scanning them down for the data sites that are possibly there?

Yeah that sounds like bad luck there. Pirate data/relic sites definitely spawn in c1-3 holes.

Definitely a fluke, and sometimes you are trailing behind another explorer in a wormhole chain so they’re clearing all the relic sites before you reach them up the chain.

BTW – a lot of WH groups run their own instance of this. It is overkill for your case, but the reason is one of paranoia: they don’t want to use the public pathfinder just in case the person running it is spying on their realtime location.

You can still keep using it, just wanted to make sure you were aware of the appropriate risks.