Recent nerf?

Hi, I have the feeling wormhole exploration for a short while has been much worse loot and am wondering if anyone knows of a recent nerf that could effect this?

I’m only a couple of weeks old and fully a new bro so my input on this topic is very limited.

However, in my limited experience this is what I was getting.

6-8 million per hour in wormholes. A lot of it was the sheer number of sleepers I was finding which I can’t do. Granted this could be an experience issue and I’m not finding things because I don’t know where to look.

I then switched to using the wormholes as kind of a shortcut to null sec and I’ve been getting 10-20m per hour in null.

Not died yet as well which is a bonus.

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Try using filaments instead. And WH to move around when in a bad region

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Stefnia is talking about
this filaments can teleport you to Null.
You could even try to use Pochven filaments bring you to Pochven and you could get out of Pochven into High Sec with a extraction filament like Proximity-5 ‘Extraction’ Filament.

Have fun and welcome to the game.

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Actually you need three types : several noise-X (the cheapest, go for 5 should be enough), a triglavian (again the cheapest one), and a glorification.

noise will yeeeeeeeeet you in NS
trig (eg internal) will yeet you into pochven
and glorification will yeet you into LS/HS in a previous “minor victory” system

After each filament you have a delay of 15min before you can use another one. so if you land in drone region (like I did all the time) you can scan and wait for the timer to expire

Get your fit the cheapest possible so that killer would feel dirty just from making that KM. 2M heron top. It’s better when there are two victims in a KM.

I use the a proximity filament whenever I’m close to Jita so I get ejected close to Jita.