Are Glorification filaments only low sec return or random?

Started exploring Pochven but found that return filament kept sending me to low sec, is there a specific one that will bring me back to high sec only or completely random?

Glorification filaments take you to a random Triglavian Minor Victory system, that is within a certain light year distance of the Pochven system you are in. I’m not sure what that range actually is. There is a chance you could land in highsec, but most of the minor victory systems are lowsec but close to highsec.

Excellent, pretty much that is what I’ve experienced, guess I’ll get a sneaky for that situation, thanks.

Just spam em till you get where you want.

Extremely useful for evading unwanted PvP and other criminality.

I tried that, was in Pochven when I got tackled, tried using the filament but no dice.

You cant use them while in combat, within distance of objects or out side a fleet.

Exactly, so you can’t escape PvP if they lock you faster than you can click TF out.

Er ok?

Sometimes (often), I skip some information, my experience was, I had the filament on the ready just had to press activate and I also was no where near anything to keep it from jumping closest thing was 10 km away (roid), guy uncloaked insta tackle and web, hit activate and… nothing.

That said I tried to burn away as MW was still operational but since he was in a speedy ship I couldn’t get far enough fast enough and gone.

Ah sorry to hear that. Yeah right on you and tackled wouldnt help, no.