Has eve hit a point because of filament's that it is not worth living in low sec anymore?

We have had this discussion in corp tons and every time it ends up the same, it has become so economical to just stage out of jita and filament all over for fights, that having a home in low sec is just not worth it anymore for us low sec players.

I guess for null guys its different since they can build up their base and upgrade Ihubs and all that.

The filament’s are great for getting fights because its better than having to jump 50 jumps but my sub-conscience is telling me it would be way better to just have a much smaller universe where people pump into each other much more often, rather than 90% of eve players being in delve and jita.

I would like to know how other low sec players feel about this?

Would love to see amount of systems per region divided a bit and filament’s that take you across the galaxy adjusted to only move you a few jumps from where you currently are.

Poch extraction filament’s seem brilliantly designed as they are semi predictable with a slight variance and only move you 3 jumps from the original system.

An idea that might achieve this: (using trig invasion as reference as it was quite cool)
Edencom take 112 high sec systems and combine 4 systems together each to form 28 mega solar systems.
Rouge Drones do the same with low sec systems.
And drifters the same with null sec systems. (Maybe 112 systems is too little for null as there is 3294)

if signal/noise are removed and replaced with super high way’s (poch style) then players can get to a specific place much faster than traveling normally but the route will have a more precise direction.

Since players have knowledge of how the trig invasion went they would have the ability to sculpt the eve universe.

Maybe a null sec alliance hate how they have so many entrances into their region so they defend the good systems and let the others fall, creating strong holds and maybe other null entities see what they are doing and try defend those bad entrances so they have a route to attack them with later along the line.

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Artificial “fights.”

Today, it just teleports you somewhere. Next year, it will conveniently teleport groups of people right on top of each other.

Why have an open world, when you can have battlegrounds? WoW has battlegrounds, and WoW has a lot of subscribers, so 1+1=…

CCP Logic.


Sacrificing depth for convenience.


Eve’s slide to instant gratification has destroyed its spirit at every turn.


Actually, EVE has had a long term issue where the various facets of the game are not tuned to work together at all to support reasonable amounts of gaming activity.

For instance, it’s a ‘PvP’ game where the PvP is few and far between, is mostly greatly one-sided, and where the vast majority of the players do whatever they can to avoid it.

There was a certain period, let’s say 2004 to about 2007, where more players were in a more concentrated area and doing more things that brought them into contact (and conflict) with each other. Many players think of this as the “Golden years” when Eve was Eve and the carebears and farmers hadn’t “taken over”.

They completely miss the point that this period only existed because the game was new, lots of people were learning and exploring different areas of the game, and you didn’t have 10,000 Titans and 10-year vets lurking around every corner in HACs and assault frigates and T3 destroyers. You didn’t have videos showing how to complete every aspect of the game, and you didn’t have thousands of weblinks telling you EVE is a sucker’s game and a gankers paradise. Not that those statements are (completely) true, but they’re out there.

EVE has a solid core of a very specific type of player that’s quite committed to the game (dollar and time wise), and that’s all that’s kept it limping along for a decade now. It was headed for maintenance territory in 2016 until they pulled the Alpha rabbit out of the hat, then pumped up sales figures with continuous sales until they could unload the company on some poor unsuspecting Koreans.

EVE either needs to adapt to offer more engaging play to both it’s long-term player base and new players as well, or it will slowly fade out as the ranks of already-committed players quite literally die off.

Filaments are one way of offering more accessible, and more variable combat (so it’s not all quite so one-sided). It may make a few low-sec pipes somewhat less viable. Maybe instead of saying “Remove the mechanism that other people seem to be enjoying”, we should focus on saying “Hey, if people are using that then maybe it’s a good idea? What else can we do along a similar vein to encourage more combat and more participation?”.

The way you preferred playing for the past decade may not be viable for the next decade.


This is only half-true. While the meta was different, by the time the game has been out for a a year or so, everything was fairly well-documented, and the haves were firmly separated from the haves-not. By the time I started playing around the turn of 2005, veterans were already dominating the game in highly-organized, well-equipped groups. There was no issue finding guides and videos for fitting ships, running missions, doing anomalies, and even using the absolutely ridiculous probing system we had back then.

I don’t think the “age of exploration” so to say lasted more than the initial couple of months. That’s to be expected, though. Besides, the game back then had a fraction of the features to learn compared to today’s EVE, and it really didn’t take long to become good at it, if you had some common sense.

That’s true. While there were some angry rejects proselytizing their dislike of the game due to their own failures, EVE wasn’t nearly as polarizing in its early years as it is today.

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You make very good point’s, I think the biggest problem with filament’s is they are a little too random. By this I mean you don’t get used to a route you don’t learn your nabours and their habit’s or what ship’s they bring. Spending time in cloaky ship’s trying to get their pings and fancy stuff like that seems a bit pointless because the chances of you bumping into the same people again are pretty low.

Part of the beauty of eve is creating relationships with your enemies and the 100% randomness kind of takes away from this.

What if noise and signal where made more similiar to poch extraction filament’s where they have a few option’s of systems they jump to depending on where you filament from, as if their is an alternate universe where all the systems are connected together differently and by filamenting you are traveling through this alternate universe.

Players would eventually be able to build a map of the alternate universe and use it to get to places they want to go with much less jumps than traveling there directly, but at the same time other players will learn of these route and be able to intercept the roaming gangs.

Another interesting dynamic would be if CCP changed the way filament’s worked and instead of filamenting from a mid space safe you activate the filament just before taking a gate which then allows you to move through the alternate universe’s gate adding even more predictability of travel rather than within 3 jumps like Poch. Which allows pursuers the ability to activate their own filament and chase you through that gate as well.

If this is changed then maybe instead of entrance filament’s to poch you can travel to the old connections and filament through those “disabled gates”.


m0o and the Guiding Hand Social Club would like a word with you about that.
EVE made history and grew exactly because of stuff like this.

EVE History: The Guiding Hand Social Club Heist (with Tyraxx Thorrk) - YouTube
Currin Trading (archive.org) - “The Inspiration”, which caused this guy and others to join and try …
… and others to join simply because such stuff was possible to do in a video game.

I wish to find more detailed and readable information, but I don’t have the time now.

Anyhow, GHSC was in 2005 and m0o, even earlier, was so big, they got their own system named after them …
… and at least the Zephyr is named after their CEO …
… exactly because they pulled off all the things that caused enough disruption (and amazament!) to make the news.

Perhaps filaments should be removed? The game needs to offer more of a reason to live in lowsec. Faction warfare clearly hasn’t accomplished that goal. The last time I was in lowsec, there was a quadruple warp-stabbed Tormentor warping in and out of FW sites, and an Avatar was sitting tethered to a Keepstar. Next time I won’t do 40 jumps to get there, I’ll just use a filament to bypass the area entirely.

Is there anyone on the @CSM who plays the game?

Why do we need filaments? We already have wormholes!


I’m not even sure the CSM has existed for the past couple of iterations. How convenient it is that for some reason, no one I’ve voted for won a seat.

Pretty sure it’s just a forum posting algorithm and a few deepfake videos at this point.

I think what the OP describes is part of a general trend in the gaming industry as a whole and the sentiment that people have that games that require effort and attention are non-viable because to appeal to the lowest common denominator is the only way to succeed.

Much of what we contrast between today and the so called ‘Golden Years’ of Eve reminds me of my days in Final Fantasy XI, an MMO that has been around for 18 years. For a storyline based MMO, it was harsh. If a monster gauged as an ‘even match’ it meant ‘If you don’t bring your A game you’re going to die’. Death lost you XP and could lead to the dreaded ‘level down’. If you wanted to get anywhere, you needed to make some friends. There was no matching system back in the day, or any instanced content.

I believe as a result of this, the community became very close and the game difficulty declined. Not because SquareEnix lightened the penalties or made things easier, but because people remembered how hard they had it. I have fond memories of myself sitting outside a cave infested with beasts someone had pulled to the entrance waiting for them to go away so we could safely enter, and just chatting with the other players there who were also looking to not die instantly. This bonding through mutual hardship made the game memorable to me.

Contrast that to XIV, and it’s like night and day. It is very easy to solo your way through everything, you can queue up with random players in a few minutes to run whatever story content is required and the risk of death is pretty low unless you’re very bad at what you do. Only the very endgame is a challenge and there’s a feeling I describe as ‘everyone doing things by themselves, but together’. You don’t have to be mindful of your team mates or coordinate with them. You can be in your own little bubble and disregard everyone else and it makes little difference. Technically I guess a healer heals, but he’s not really thinking about you so much as thinking about how to keep a short bar long. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing.

In short, I suppose I’m saying that what you need to fix would be attitude. Folks want success spelled out for them in plain terms. Press button, get bacon. People like accomplishing things with their own effort more, I believe, but they don’t have the ability to get over that initial ‘effort’ hump like they used to.

I think lowsec still has its place. It’s not great on a practical level and seems like a redheaded step child of Eve, but that’s what I liked about it. People don’t care much, and so it’s an objective I considered within my reach. To control a lowsec system is to have my very own nation. Something to defend on principle, and something for people to attack on principle. There is a clear difference between people with vision and ambition, and those who only want to profit with the minimum amount of work. Vision and ambition won’t guarantee success, but even losing in such a gambit is at least interesting.

The basic problem, though, boils down to people and the pressure to give them what they want, or else they will leave you to flock to someone who will. In a situation where the one who’s willing to stoop the lowest seems like the good guy, it’s hard to maintain a higher standard.




Man, login reward popup spam is the worst.

Does anyone at CCP even play the game?



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Oh wow, another skin that I can’t even see, for a spaceship I never fly!




Try the mackinaw or skiff. They are beautiful ships.

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

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For me as an mostly independent player (though my blue list was never that long :confused: ) Povchen and filaments are a blessing and game changer. It makes content more accessible and shortens travel. Especially the option to get home within 15min from everywhere including your ship is a big quality of life improvement.

Living in Povchen makes more sense for solo than living in low. However this does not apply to bigger groups. For lowsec groups it’s just important that people come to low, not necessarily where exactly.