Has eve hit a point because of filament's that it is not worth living in low sec anymore?

Yea I love poch, I just hope CCP does something to low to make it more appealing.

They did with the event … but this will unfortunately not work for a permanent thing.

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Yea this event is fun but at a pretty terrible price to the economy, those ded boxes added more than bounties this month.

Yes so I think you’re entirely missing the actual point there. It was amazing and interesting and newsworthy to do that sort of thing in 2005 and even earlier. It actually wasn’t a suckers game at that point precisely because the game was new.

The ridiculous imbalances inherent in new players competing directly against any multibillion-ISK, 10-year vet who likes to get his rocks off by farming easy kills wasn’t part of the equation. It was a closer-to-fair situation across the board.

That’s the issue. You can’t turn back the clock. You can’t go back to the time EVE was new, things were less unbalanced, Titans and Rorqs weren’t as common as dirt, cans still waited to be flipped.

EVE has to spend some time adjusting to the new reality of the game, and players have to spend time adapting to it. If filaments are being used to the point where low-sec pipes are being forgotten, then that’s probably an evolution worth looking in to. CCP’s half-baked “let’s destroy everything and put everyone at risk” notions, on the other hand, are yet another pointless attempt to turn back the clock and undo some of the stupidities they’ve unleashed on the game over the years.

To paraphrase: two stupids don’t make a smart.

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Are this what you called lowsec pvp. :roll_eyes: losers.

If for whatever reason a new vacuum is created where low sec is “empty” then at some point some enterprising (new) player will find a use for it, filling that void.

Agreed. The point here isn’t to say “I like the way low-sec used to be, stop letting other people do more interesting things”.

The point is to say “What can we do next to make low-sec as or more interesting than filament-hopping?”.


Could be worse, PL used to drop caps on anything that dared the gate in Amamake, until the local faction warfare boys popped one of them.

@Jonah_Gravenstein It’s really hard for CCP to balance the preference of every players. Everyone has Their own bias on this game. Filaments gives explorers a way to outsmart this kind of trigger paranoids that’s why they don’t like it.

Why do people feel they should be able to compete? Or even that they should?

A dude who opens a corner shop isnt trying to compete with Tesco.


amarr FW is dead :frowning:
not because of the filaments but because of the miners and the NULL SEC TRASH that is moving to low
i was writing a bible big ass post about it , i will try to finish it , but im afraid i wasted all my english
why CCP ?? WHY???..

So I should stop training my FW character?

I’m confused about what’s actually being compared here.

For example, you could say something like “are buttons on television sets not worth it because remote controllers exist?”, and you’d be comparing two similar things. The buttons and remote controllers both work to achieve the same result (ex. changing the channel, adjusting volume, etc.). You can then start comparing the pros / cons of each (remotes can be lost, buttons are always on the tv set, but you need to get off your couch to reach it, etc.).

But what’s being compared here between “filaments” and “living in lowsec”?
Is the point of you living in lowsec to go to random systems in null and have fights?
Is the point of filaments to set up shop in a system that has access to NPC stations and missions?

If your main goal in playing EVE is to go yeet yourself into nullsec by way of filaments and do some hit and run/ganking gameplay, what does that have to do with “living in lowsec”?

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Does anyone else find it sad that even with the event giving the best PvE combat site rewards in low sec, the low sec ice storm filaments are the cheapest of all? Apparently hardly anybody feels like yeeting around low sec to find ice storms.

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It’s about permanence, we used to live in low because that is how we got a lot of small gang fight’s, then filament’s and abyss instanced pvp came out and black rise kinda died so we moved to Jita and just yeeted all over.

We are now part of the problem becuase by us not having a home in low sec there is less for people roaming to bump into (us being the content) and if everyone starts yeeting from Jita then all of a sudden the only fights would be when 2 yeet fleet’s collide.

An extreme scenario for sure but its a cascading effect, the more people leave the more other people feel that its empty and leave too.

This is like Deltole and the FON Station …
… with all of us trying hard to make ISK there one way or another.

Some were farming and blueing their wrecks …
… others were looting and salvaging.

Everyone tried surviving and making ISK and we all got to know each other.

Bonding through mutual hardship.


In other words is CCP trying to raise the standards by getting rid of those who don’t want to put more effort into things?

What? How?

CCP: “But we thought our players wanted to have a capital city with an auction house from which they could form groups and queue up to fast-travel to content! Why won’t anyone watch our Twitch streams!?”


I mean that, when making an appeal to a body of people, whoever gives that body what it wants will be perceived as the good guys, regardless of actual fact.

For example, if your body were children, letting them eat cookies all the time would see that you were well liked, but making that allowance is not good for the children in the long term.

If children could choose their parents like people choose games, the good parents would have few. That’s the pressure developers are under if they want a game with character building hardship as a part of it.