Boring lowsecs. Ideas on how to make players highly active

I welcome everyone.

I will share my observations about lowsecs, in particular about the regions: Black Rise, Lonetrek, The Citadel.

Perhaps first it is worth explaining how I imagine the general mechanics of lowsecs:

Pilots enter lowsecs, this is where pvp is possible, and they start competing for rewards that are located in this part of space. The bulk of the content takes place in battles for, for example: combat / reliс / data / gas / ice/… sites.
The condition is met: high risks - high reward.

What is the problem in my opinion?
The answer should be divided into 2 parts. This is the amount of content and mechanics of the game and, as a result, the behavior of the players.

1. Let’s start with a simple one - filling with content.

In 3 days I completely flew around Black Rise, Lonetrek and part of The Citadel.
I found when scanning in all systems (even: tama, kedama, rakapas and other similar “nests” of pvp pilots) only 4 !!! complex 5/10, 0 !!! 4/10, 3 !!! 1/10, 2 !!! 3/10, new complexes with keys for the reserve bank 0 !!!, but the gas sites are usually more than 2 in the system and a lot of data /reliс.
The question is: What should motivate players to compete?

2. Now let’s look at the mechanics of the game, which completely exclude the possibility for solo players and small groups to live in lowsec.

Cyno, in its current form, it works like this: it enters the gates of the BS, and on the other side of the araza, including cyno, 3-10 blackops, carriers or supercarries appear nearby.
GF is written to the local chat.
Do I need to explain that under such conditions, everyone who cannot fight back 10 blackops avoids lowsecs or avoids pvp in every possible way?

To summarize:
There is not enough farm in lowsec to cover possible risks and risks not “possible” but guaranteed, since Araza + Dramiel with a 100% chance to destroy any solo ship when entering the gate (And there are no other available ways to move for a solo pilot ).

Now the suggestions:

  1. It is quite obvious that to increase the number of sites in low-sec, since there is no point in risking without a reward.
  2. Изменение механики игры:
    2.1 The cyno should not be instantly activated and any fleet must pass through it.
  • When the cyno is turned on, there is a delay in the formation of the portal, for example, 1 minute, all effects from the inclusion of this module do not affect the ship.
  • Introduce a limit on the number of ships that can pass through the cyno, for frigate 1 BO, for cruiser 3, for battleship 6. Capital ships cannot jump onto a cruiser. Up to 5 capital ships or 2 super capital ships can jump on the BO.
    Introduce a five minute reactivation delay.
    This will avoid overblowing everything that flies in lowsec.
    2.2 Change the distance of exiting the gate by 50-70 kilometers. There should be a chance to get away from the camp, since now for a solo to get into the camp = death, or death after 3 minutes from reinforcements.
    2.3 Introduce a restriction on the entrance to the sombat sites by the number and class of ships, since if 15 opponents fly to the farmer, for example, a golem, to the BS + logisticians, then the latter has no chance, or he runs away.
    There must be a competitive part.

For 3 days, my golem was saved at least 10 times from cyno, there were 2 battles, the first with a full armored fleets of 15 players, we are pumping escape skills. The second fight was exactly a fight, maybe not equal to 1 versus 7, but this is a 5/10 fight in Aunenen.
Golem vs. 4 BS, Loki, Lachesis and Gnosis.
The enemy had a good chance, but I was able to stretch their fleet and destroy them piece by piece.
These are the battles that should be in the game.
Battles one ship vs 10 BO + insurance from the capital fleet, this is toxic gameplay, since such tactics turn the game into a swamp.

That’s why everybody flies small stuff in lowsec, solo or in swarms. Everything bigger than BC are either bait with backup or prey which will die for sure. As long as you fly throw-away stuff, you have a chance to have fun and survive. If you go nuts and bling-bling you will attract the blob. But I doubt it’s different anywhere else.


Another thread bemoaning the lack of activity in a game well known for an extremely specific style of play.

Because navel-gazing about this is apparently more interesting than the game?

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Arent The Forge and Citadel high sec?

I mean, more or less.

if only there was ls gameplay centered around PvP that eliminated cynos…

maybe take it even further had make it so it can restrict any ship class based on the types of fights you’re looking for.


Yes, but the lowsec parts are PvP-heavy.

Ever heard about The Citadel - Tama - DOTLAN :: EveMaps ?

Fair dos

Though I dont imagine wanting to do much in Tama other than what already happens there, given what already happens there, if you know what I mean.

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Arrange for me so that each side has a chance, maybe not equal, but it would be.
Now in lowsek, cyno is a game with only one goal, no chances.
Let’s say you have a 5/10 expedition in lowsec and you want to go through it. If during the passage you are caught, then you have a chance to detect the enemy and prepare for battle.
Dying on the gate from cyno is not fun at all.
And now most of the characters that I have seen are either cyno and BO/carrier or pve venture.
There is no layer of pilots with which to engage.
I was able to find such in 3 days of flights, but this is a pleasant exception, more they will not fly to the golem without 4 guards :frowning:

I agree that cynos are a bit crap, but this post grossly over exaggerates how oppressive they are.

This is if they are not trying to catch you as seriously as possible.
My golem was locked in the system at the gates by cyno + fast frigate. There are 10 BPs in the nearby system at the undok of the citadel.
I’m talking about the fact that the content should take place inside the complexes, and not on the way to them.
Fly on lowsec and be afraid to enter the system, because at the exit from the gate, a camp or cyno may be waiting for you, this is not what you want to see.

What exactly did you expect from brining multi bilion ship into hostile space?

You wanted to solo krab in maruder in lowsec and you are whining on forum because, not surprisingly it got killed.

Heard about scouts? If you can risk golem your should be able to afford scouting alt or friend.

Welcome to EVE N+1 is a thing for a reason. Not a single, sane person will take “fair” fight. Live with it or quit.

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The phrase says something to you:
“The second fight was exactly a fight, maybe not equal to 1 versus 7, but this is a 5/10 fight in Aunenen.
Golem vs. 4 BS, Loki, Lachesis and Gnosis.
The enemy had a good chance, but I was able to stretch their fleet and destroy them piece by piece.”

Where did you see the words about my loss of the golem?

The point is that there are no small groups in lowsec to fight with.
There are cyno, there are fleets that cannot be killed by a dreadnought.
If you read carefully, you will understand that I am talking about the transfer of pvp from the gates to the inside of the complexes. If playing one button is interesting for you, then there is no point in discussing.

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No. You just want to remove gate camps because you can’t deal with them. Masking it behind whole cyno and blob drama only because you use bling ship.

You can do 5/10, 6/10 in a VNI or other inexpensive garbage.

While LS is not a sov space. Most of it is controlled by player organizations. I can’t wrap my head around why you are expecting to get free passage thru someone space.

you realize I was talking about something already in game right?


I mean with them being limited to a handful of ships they are pretty easy to avoid now.

Maybe that’s why I fly a golem because everything “cheaper” is perceived by local residents as food, and lachesis is always the first to enter the complex. and you can either run or die.
The golem allows you to take a fight with a large number of opponents, and not run away from the battle.
About cyno.
The last time I died from it was 2 years ago, this module put all active pvp communities in the citadel and fights take place only in the form of a drop.
Speaking of, “No. You just want to clear the gate camps because you can’t handle them.”
I really want to know how to get into one window with Nidhoggur * to which help is in a hurry.
The problem with camps is their invincibility, especially with the support fleet.
The post is about making the droppers fly and look for targets, pick up ships, rivet them, and not sit in a station and win with one button.


It means that other ships cannot fight, and if they are caught then there is a high probability of losing the ship. They take the golem more seriously and either fly in with a large fleet or just leave it if they can’t win, so I left the gank of 15 pilots, first drove one of them with 5/10, they gathered a fleet in 15 minutes. could not catch up with the golem :slight_smile:
GF pissed on and left to camp the gates from the system.

So what do you do when you are using it for PvE and your Bastion is active and you see combat probes out?

When I see combat probes, I begin to run away from the place of arrival at the complex, and then, depending on the composition of the enemy.
If not a strong gank, then I fly off 200 km and meet the enemy.