Future of PVP

This isn’t going to be a raging post on the PVP changes coming to Eve Online. Plenty of other people have already done that. How about giving players in High Sec the option to engage in PVP. World of Warcraft uses the same option know as “War Mode.” You turn War Mode on than you get more of a reward for doing PVE / PVP activities. War Mode is not an option outside of High Sec. Create a new game mechanic that requires all ships in the game to use “fuel.” This new fuel material can only be found in Low Security. Now players from Null and High will have to go into the middle areas of New Eden and fight over fuel resources. High Sec Care Bears can do their PVE activities in peace. Null Sec players can make T2 products and fight with big ships. Low Sec players can have fun fighting PVP battles over fuel resources. You gotta have ship destruction in order for industry players to make more stuff. Build and destroy. You will get plenty of both if people are fighting over the one resource everyone requires. Low security space will be like a Mad Max movie where players fight over fuel.


New fuel resources will also offer new skills to train as well as different ships to extract and transport.

Eve does have a war mode its called low sec and null sec you basically leave high sec and earn 5x the rewards, but can be shot more often.


That’s called the undock button.


There’s nothing wrong with Eve the way it is. The act of undocking is the act of engaging in PvP. It is your consent to such activity. You are not safe anywhere…and nor should you be.

People should stop trying to fix a ‘problem’ that is actually part of how the game works.


PvP needs to be canceled because it’s turning our children into crazed sociopaths!

Gankers hate this though, that’s why they spend time hunting down ventures that have no loot/no challenge in popping. Just go to a killboard and look at the number of people in industrial/mining ships killed all over high sec. There are people intent on killing anyone interested in playing EvE as anything other than a murder simulator. Expect push back anytime someone tries to incorporate the idea you mentioned above.

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High sec is pretty safe most of the time. Depends on what you’re doing.

There have been some ideas floating around the revive high sec wars through wardecs and other means.

Problem with the OP’s idea is that it’s something we can already do: go to low sec, join FW or something like that. Already have that.

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See…it’s already destroyed the ‘cancelled’ neuron in your brain. PvP is dangerous stuff.

Well excuse me princess, but I’m speaking the proper 'Murican English, not your snooty derpy Union Jack version.

You better watch yourself. We already threw your tea into the river once, and we aren’t afraid to do it again, you griefer.

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I had to wade through 5 pages of Venture kills on zkillboard before I found one in security level above 0.7.

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pvp would become more active and enjoyable if loot drop rate was increased.

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Actually that action was straight out of Eve ganking…complete with scouts and Concord being diverted. The USA is the direct result of a successful gank.

( by the way, you owe us $45,000,000,000,00 in tea tax )

Sooo you want a “war mode” so that other people will be busy fighting each other and you can just grindbear in peace. Right.

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Stop confusing the idiots please, they don’t do very well with sarcasm and basic logic.

stopped reading when you asked for eve to become more like world of warcraft.


I think you’re in the wrong game. You’re looking for


Would just want to add that the middle areas are where the most fun pvp happens.

Above being High Sec and below you know Nullsec is just foreplay.

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Ah…that must be somewhere between The Shire and Mordor.


There is no future to PVP, there is no Future for Eve, just follow the Metrics.