Delivering PvP content through Agency and Resource Wars

It feels to me that we have a great opportunity to deliver PvP content through the Agency and resource wars interface/infrastructure. Ok, Agency sites have the best loot in low sec and so encourages low sec PvP (maybe), but I wonder if having actual PvP sites in highsec has been considered.

Rough idea for a first iteration off the top of my head: sites in high sec that only allow T1 non-faction frigates with Concord disabled. Contains NPC frigates. Players get points for NPC and PvP kills. One player with the most points at the end of the site wins and gets resource wars LP.

Many problems with this example (e.g. gangs farming salt from solo players) but was just meant to illustrate the basic idea. Essentially Faction Warfare frigate complexes without the baggage. Non-farm-able since resource wars LP are worth little. But could be fun if people can easily hop into a T1 frigate with an alpha clone and find PvP fights in highsec. Expand to fleets, other ship classes etc in later iterations.

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What ever you name it, EVE does not need arenas.

Is this another “solo and small gang PVP is avoided” post?

Yeaaaah…essentially “arenas”. But we already have factional warfare, (non high sec) event sites etc “arenas” for years though. Just making them explicit instead of baiting for “emergent” PvP. XD

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Nope. Not sure what you mean by “solo and small gang PVP is avoided”? I have no vested interest or opinions about the current state of EVE PvP. Just thought it might be fun to have these PvP “arenas”.


Most of the events (the ones I’ve done anyway) already have this. The loot that drops at the end and if the person who picks it up isn’t the person to get the last shot on the ship then they go suspect which could then develop into a PVP experience.

But there already is the “duel” feature which basically allows PVP without concord intervention in high sec already.

What I would like to see is that Agency thingy highlighting systems with high “ships destroyed within 1h/24h” count. You could see quickly where the action is happening and go poke around.

Yeah map already does that, but Agency is there to simplify things right?

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This (though it’s top damage not last shot :wink: ). This event sites are a far better arena as any complex technical thing you can imagine, did you try it @Renee_Frost ? Also points/rewards for PvP won’t work as we have alts, and you don’t need artificial rewards, the winner gets the killmail and the loot.

Any “content” that doesn’t involve bumping and ganking will have the elite PeeVeePee’rs pitching a fit and trashing any idea that comes along.


There is a place like that already in game…

It is called Faction Warfare.


Yeah. I am essentially wondering if the idea of Faction Warfare could be incorporated with Agency and the failed Resource Wars.


The Agency is entirely predicated on the guarantee of content being at the location provided… The only reliable thing about other players being that content is that it is unreliable.

You are talking about Faction Warfare. You know where it is, you know where there will be conflict pvp. Go nuts, have fun. Stop turning everything pve into pvp.


All sites are PvP, be they highsec or any other sec sites. All space is PvP, you can shoot anyone you want anytime you want. CONCORD will destroy you afterwards in highsec, yes, but they are not preventing you from shooting someone.


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Yeah I do event sites for the accelerators and I love doing them in low sec for the thrill of being hunted (serious, not sarcasm lol). I also ran into many bling-ed suspect baiting

Like I said, this is just a rough idea off the top of my head. You might be right that the event sites are already a good arena.

What I am suggesting isn’t that far off. Another way of implementing what I am suggesting would be to have persistent (resource wars type) event sites with T1 frigate only gates and some other basic tweaks.

Just thought that the current infrastructure that we already have (agency, resource wars, factional warfare) would be a great source of consistent consensual PvP. That might be fun (not saying EVE “needs” this).

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Concord does force you into a specific type of PvP. vOv

Your comment reminds me of this very fun incursion slaughter: (this is why I love EVE lol)

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FW is incorporated in with the Agency. I saw it before I signed up for FW and it is there during my tour in FW.

Unless you are talking about making it missions (quests) open to ALL players regardless of corp. If that is the case… sorry but I dont think that would work. To many people are already complaining about the little PVP that does happen to them, let alone having to worry about not being able to go to some factions space because they are flagged enemy of the state.

The misconception is, there is no consensual PvP in EvE and there can’t be without changing EvEs fundamentals. Balancing ships and players against each other is impossible with the variety of ships, tools and options at hand.

Once upon a time people thought that this is what was going to happen with incursions; that sansha would invade a system and concord would be turned off. There was even a ccp run event like that. I personally thought that changing hs systems to temp lowsec depending upon changing lore events would have been dynamic and fun. Ofc it didnt happen.

Nor do I consider pvp pockets “arenas.” Having a gated pocket of pvp in hs is simply no different then having gated pvp in low sec and there is plenty of that, eg ded sites etc.


It might be interesting to make FW complexes sites like that. Make it require active participation rather than afk, with stabs, beacon orbiting that is defensive plexing. Also if it encourages small gangs to form that’s another bonus imo. Keep the sites soloable by default, but ganging up should result in faster completions and more LP for everyone involved.

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My crystal ball said OP will see a variation coming to EVE within the next year. :sunglasses: