Content Wars

I have heard from a member of Pandemic Legion that they are the core of New Eden and provide everyone else with content and that if they didn’t exist there would not be any content in New Eden.

So I ask all of New Eden, which content keeps the environment more lively?

2 PVE (ratting the belts and mission sites)
3 Mining
4 Exploration
5 High Sector Ganking
6 Manufacturing
7 Faction Warfare

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The premise of the supposition is flawed.

The players keep it lively if they want. Any of those above or none of them depending on the crew.


I recognize that voice of PL, sounds like Grath Talkien.

And tbh they do create content for themselves not for the rest of Universe.


Isn’t mining and PVE the same thing?

And since a majority of pilots are in highsec I’d guess most content is provided by PVE.

Hahahahahahahhahahahahahah…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahaha…This post is definitely good content wp made my day. If there is any group that would have the slimmest of chances of even coming close to calming that it would be evolution.

Anyone can claim anything they want, but FAKE NEWS

I have added Faction Warfare to the list.

Having been around for a while I can generally say that PVP content really isn’t the Foundation of New Eden.

Before PvP took place, Capsuleer’s explored, mined and built ships and stations. Then came the PvP after the collapse of the Great Gate.

Given the fact that more NPC ships are destroyed per hour than Capsuleer ships are I would have to say that the Content Winner would have to be those running missions, mining, exploring and those involved with Faction War.

Great content where the risk vs reward provides the lifeblood of New Eden with ever advancing Epic Arc missions.

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You forgot to add Trade / Marketing to your list.

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He missed the most dramatic side - scamming and awoxing.

Well, isn’t that PvP ?

In terms of you own someone and broke his game Yes. In a form how you did that it’s a bit different.

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While PL certainly does a good job in Nullsec, lets not forget that the BIG MAJORITY of people lives in Highsec and there is only one entity left which delivers content to every capsuleer in Highsec and that is the mighty CODE. Alliance.

You are of course welcome!


Surprisingly nobody mentioned GSF yet, so fixing that

Which keeps the environment more lively?


Which is more important.

None. They are all equally important.

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PL shot at me once.
Pretty sure I shot back.

Feckers also abused the bejeasus out of the watchlist and gave all the carrier ratting nullbears the hebejebies and we all remember where that got us regarding the Mercs
If I’m being disproportionately generous to them
I’m going to say for me pl have generated a net negative on gameplay for me anyway.


Fame =/= content

PVE is the most content in New Eden. In terms of raw player hours. Id say that itd be 3:1 all the way to 10:1 or even more for each hour of pvp. Though I think only CCP would be able to calculate that metric.

And I would combine PVE, mining, exploration, manufacture into one list entirely.

Now as for PL Im sure they gave a lot of New Edens citizens bad dreams over the years.


A lot of that content in high sec is spent afk thou lol, so that narrows it a bit closer to pvp :] as content only really count’s while your sitting there absorbing it.

A painting or furniture in a room adds to its ambience without you having to fixate on it constantly.:wink:


I vote ship-spinning.

–Gadget is dizzy


Are you high.
If there was no PL there would be someone else
If there was no Goons there would be someone else
And so on

Content is a sum of all parts