Why did CCP stop creating actual content?

The triglavians never concluded.
The World Ark memory holed.
The triglavian - drifter conflict is static since about 2 years.

Pochven happened and then ???
Cool Edencom System bro though I guess…

No new Trig ships to further the trig ship tree.

But but muh Edencom ships… ehhhh lol.

No new PVE content of any sorts since abyssal deadspace.

ESS are reskinned FW Plexes with a bubble strapped to it. I can hardly see that as any pvp content.

Proving grounds are kind of a meme as well.

Why do the Upwell Structures dont have a unique interior but instead copy pasted caldari interior.

Why do Asteriod Stations dont have a unique interior.


2 years later…memory holed. Maybe not.

The quality of actual content seem to have been considerably greater when we had few big updates instead of a constant stream of small shitty ones.


In before the state censors lock the thread.


Why did CCP stop creating actual content?

Because CCP now belongs to CCP
Because why if its much more cost efficient to milk money with nigh-zero investment microtransactions sprinkled with enough meaningless change not to be considered completely dead


I agree with the Triglavians, maybe CCP needs more time, maybe next quadrants.

Edencom is working as intended, players deserve a choice, this is a sandbox (not sure for how long).

Lots of abandoned stuff, remember the Resource Wars.

Your opinion about ESS is not absolute thou, the bubble makes a hell of a difference in PvP tactics. You did not play in NS enough if you don’t understand that. Or your enemies are not that smart.

I think the main complaint is such that edencom/trig feels like a choice between nah and meh

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They need whole eon during which the volcanoes there will spew so much lava it will create new continent and Iceland will be greater than whatever is the current biggest county on earth.

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CCP never created actual content. The only good content that has ever come out of this game was created by their playerbase.

I would argue that the primary mistake they’ve been making is trying to create content as opposed to facilitating more player driven content.

But player driven content runs their whales off so they abandoned it.

Plus CCP is cashing this game out anyway, they don’t care how good it is. They’re just trying to string you along with terrible content in hopes that it’s enough to keep them above water financially and not upside down in debt when this game inevitably dies in the near future.


I never realized this, but you are right.

There was some dumb whale on another thread complaining that he had a job and wife and kids and only had a half an hour to play and couldn’t solo through a 30 man gatecamp in null (spoiler: he didn’t even try; he just logged off). I’m sure the guy has plenty of money he could give CCP, though, if they only had more carnival rides and fewer dark alleys.


Not sure what ending you were expecting but Trig space was formed and regular trig invasions are now part of daily life, if you’re after some fluff lore to explain it all, you’re probably not getting that, but trigs are now here and part of the universe

Yet, but i would expect more T2 variations to be added

If you’re on about the Hadean beta test, that was never meant to go anywhere, it was an infrastructure test not an actual expansion to the game

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You know when somebody finishes eating a hot dog and throws the wrapper on the sidewalk? Pochven is the wrapper. The story arc is done.

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Yea, whales are the death of gaming in general. The last 3 games I’ve played recently (WoW, PoE, and Eve) are all 3 doing the same shady ■■■■. Trying to hold a space for RMT (and the whales they attract) while claiming to fight it.

CCPs turnover time on reports is (purposefully) slow so the bots can still make a profit and will still resub a new account after the ban (the last round of bots I reported took 3 months to recieve a ban… conveniently right after the start of a new financial quarter). They try to play up the difficulty of banning bots so they’re not held accountable but in actuality they’re committing fraud.

It’s also why they never communicate with their playerbase. They have to be SUPER careful with what they say because they participate in some VERY sus business practices.

PS: all the proof you need is the fact that I just made this post into a thread in general discussion and it was locked and hidden within a minute of me posting it. Every time I’ve brought this up it’s an immediate thread lock. Quote this post and respond to it and they’ll lock this thread super fast.

Is it? You can be best buddies with Edencom and Triglavians. All consequences for supporting triglavians are gone since they introduced Pochven. Edencom is useless and not doing anything it was supposed to.


Making and continuing to make a great game takes more effort. It’s cheaper to make more microtransactions than to develop more content. If you lose the vets due to their anger over the game direction you don’t need to develop new content as there is more than enough for the new milking cows. They don’t last long enough to need new content but if they grind through enough it is profitable.

They need a new Seaguls in fact.
Seaguls was able to handle a lot of little update, and a lot was fine. some mistake but it happen.

If you are unable yes you must go back to great extention scheme.

But at this point it’s a CCP management issue. They need to put someone competent at the head of the game that all. And to be honest and i m sorry for him, but when i hear CCP raitari … i think they need someone else in charge. CCP raitari will be fine for very short term vision, long term vision, actually in CCP i doubt you have game designer with it.

If it was the case he will have dismiss after the start of chaos era and the total fail of blackout who was predicatable.

Seagul? They have spent like the last 2y rolling back that era. If actions speak it would seem they hate this era. I loved her and her work and I miss THAT CCP.


i think eve was a game about player created content
them ccp started to do the NPC ■■■■
now some players think eve needs a new npc ■■■■ again and again
and the game is ruined


Take a look at Fortnite. The make small changes to maps from time to time, rebalance guns and provide new dances and skins.
People are playing and paying. For years.

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Because Fortnite is entertainment. You jump in, kill some stuff, laugh about how dumb you look dancing or failing, and close the game again. EVE is nothing like that.

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You sure about that? Years of removal of any long term planning, reducing effect of skilling, adding SP injectors/boosters… CCP is constantly reducing time needed to have a content in the game.
You just wait. (using voice of Audrey Hepburn in “My fair lady” for better emphasizing)

PS: wait, I forgot to mention Thera and filaments!

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Yeah, you are right … I should have probably written “EVE was not like that until other game developers pandered to laziness and cheap, quick action instead of meaningful experiences.” My bad.

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