Triglavian then Drifters? - Careful CCP, you're walking a thin line

Careful CCP, you’re walking a thin line. I am a hair away from totally loving EVE again.

Triglavians were the first fun PvE in ages, although they need to be inhabiting 25-33% of High Sec systems at all times. The old policy of no PvE content in market hub systems needs to be dismissed. Triglavian invasion of Jita would be incredible. So many pilots sitting on 4-4 undock, give them something to shoot at.

Then Drfiters? Wow! I almost forgive you for canceling the A/T this year…almost. Brilliant idea giving null sec something to do in their home area. Just make sure it’s random or everywhere at the same time to avoid null whining please.

CCPlease! have one or both of these groups to go through High Sec / Low Sec killing all “non-fueled” structures. It’s really out of control. I can’t even get any Mercenary groups to remove them now. Abandoned (aka unfueled) structures should never be allowed to remain in space indefinitely. Even a slow disintigration over 2-4 weeks would be better than letting them exist as-is forever. Maybe cutting deanchor times from 7 days to 3 days?


If nothing else, it’s making for some great forum reading. Who’d have thought the mittani was such a whiny snowflake?




Yup some drifters at Jita 4/4 to clear out gankers every so often :smiling_imp: and Jita gates too.

Gankers? Everyone!

Let chaos reign!

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I agree.

Why should the station campers get to create all of the content with their ganks?

Should the Triglavian’s also be able to have the same type of content creation available?

There should also be Officer Triglavian’s are tough, just as tough as Anomic sites where you could get a kill mail for getting the most DPS on the Officer.

A combination of PvE/PvP NPC/Capsuleer content isn’t bad.

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Hehe, definitely.

And yeah, I agree 100%.


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Hell yea…

…blood red space like Minmatar now i feel home wherever Trigs are.


Burn it all down!

What an amazing movie that was…

Everyone. Everyone thought that.

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