CCP Coyote on Invasions - We aren't removing Highsec

CCP Coyote had a Q&A on the The Triglavian Initiative’s Discord. Thought I might share it here for those that are interested.

And given the nature of some of the posts I’ve seen on the forums recently, one comment of note was:

We are not removing highsec. We are not trying to make everything dangerous. I can’t say how we are/are not doing this, but I think it’s safe to say that at the end of the arc, highsec will be very recognizable… just different.


:red_circle: No, we are just making it unbearably annoying to live in. What an improvement.

This fireside is also so full of fails, disingenuity and glamouring up the wrong things, it’s hardly fun to read. Like, when he says he is positively surprised that people run this with too many people so that no one gets a reward, which makes him think that people don’t care about the rewards, he completely misses the point to an extend that it’s nauseating.


I’m sorry but Minmatar space is now the center of the universe. Or atleast halfway along the Jita-Amarr route.

Don’t care if boosters didn’t receive many payouts in sites, I wanted Niarja gone so that Rens, where I started to play, turns into less of a ghost town. Thought players having some clout in those decisions is a good thing.


Personally, I find the fall of Niarja to be a huge inconvenience and quite annoying, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m sure some traders and haulers are finding ways to benefit from it as well.

As for my thoughts on the Trig Invasions… Well, seems like a mixed bag to me. They have been pissing a lot of people off by screwing with their play styles and their time, but a lot of people also enjoy engaging with the content, appreciate efforts to combat stagnation, and/or the emergent gameplay opportunities that it has provided.

Oh wait, I’m forget where I was.

I have been negatively impacted by this change, therefore it is all bad for everyone. So unless you’re going to hate all the things I hat, you can kindly ■■■■ off.


While I can understand why botters and AFK players hate it if the EVE universe is changing all the time, I think for active players they bring a lot benefits: less stagnant routine, more risk combined with more unique opportunities.

Especially the conquest of Nijara is very good, as it gives other trade hubs a chance to compete.

Summary: CCP, please stay on track!


Yes, people love it when the transportation agency closes the main highway for their commute for six months, forcing them to seek an hour-long alternate route through a rough neighborhood.

“My commute used to be so stagnant. Now it’s exciting and time consuming.”


Niarja falling makes Hek and Rens more relevant again. These ‘inconveniences’ are also player driven so if a group keeps it to the Trigs, and you don’t like it… you should know what to do lol


I am sure the (former) residents of Otela will continue to enjoy the invasion. What was once a busy active system is now completely empty. There is literally NOBODY in the system. On a Sunday.


LOL. So after all of this rigamarole, they are just going to make the Triglavian victory systems into regular NPC systems again? “Wasn’t the invasion fun? It’s over now. Back to business.”

It will be interesting to read the reactions of the people that fought like it mattered.



You always have had a clout in that but you never seized it, you incompetent fool. You were always able to stock Rens with goods at reasonable prices so that people living in the area can buy things in Rens instead of having to go to Jita. It is your fault that Rens turned into a ghost town because you never bothered to keep the market running.


You keep being a complete and utterly incompetent fool as Rens is still going down. I don’t know what you expect that will change after hauling just got harder. But you have not taken any initiative in the past to keep the market alive in Rens and you don’t do it now either. Your clout is a farce and makes nothing better and everything worse.


Can you link this Discord?

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Rens used to be the butt-end of nowhere. I don’t duel windmills.

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:red_circle: And now that it is even more on the butt end of nowhere you expect this to be better? This is a joke, right?

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Edencom and TTI discords are both linked in this post.


EVE is a game and not real world. So while I’m real world I am not happy if roads would be blocked, this is not necessarily the same for a game. If you don’t wanna get challenged, why at all are you playing the game?

Imagine the goal keeper and all enemy players would be removed from soccer, yes you would always win, but it would be a very boring game too.


Thanks for posting this. Did they ever mention this conversation was going to take place; where and when?
He never explains the reason why the “shoot EDENCOM, turn neutral to both” was left alone for so long without correction or forum/blog explanation and announcement. Sure, it was an unintended effect, but always in the past ( see SP farming after Omega account closing for an example), they announced the exploit, when they were closing it, and didn’t grab back changes or improvements accomplished before the change. No, it wasn’t clear that they would penalize players 2 months after they dropped the gameplay. Yes, everyone knew they had created a loophole, but their remaining silent for 2 months was unacceptable.

So HS will still be there, but in a greatly changed form. Depending on how long the stage 3 lasts, it may have a much higher impact on HS and its population than he expects. Let’s see how things look at the end of September. Still surprised that there appears to be so many bugs in the gameplay and that CCP wasn’t aware of them. :roll_eyes:



Completely wrong analogy. What can you expect from someone defending this garbage… :man_shrugging:

The correct analogy would be the following: Imagine the goal keeper on a soccer field and right in front of his pit and right behind the pit line suddenly lava turns up so that the goal keeper can only dance on his thin line to keep balls out of the pit.

Since we are at soccer analogies, imagine the following: The soccerfield suddenly turns into a mine field and wherever you go, suddenly you see mines pop up blocking your path to your own team mates, to opponents, even to the ball. A nice challenge for the seasoned soccer player, right?


Then why is there any grinding at all? Why not just give new ships away in the daily login rewards, or make them available only for PLEX? Why not sell standings and ore and salvage and LP and everything else of value in the game for PLEX, and only for PLEX?

Then you could grind your real-world job to reach goals in the game. Or get Daddy to pay for them, if that’s how you roll. Then EVE would only be about enjoying the rewards, and not earning them.

The fact of the matter is, there are dull, repetitive tasks to perform in game, which are necessary parts of the game, and it is totally unrealistic to expect people not to react negatively to changes to those tasks which make them harder, just as they would in the real world if their real-world jobs were made harder or more tedious, or they got a pay cut. Because those changes leave them less time to enjoy the parts of the game for which they do those boring, repetitive tasks.


The soccer analogy? Let players pick their own teams. Make no effort to balance the number of players on each side. Don’t tell the players what the rules are. Change the rules a couple of times through the game. Also, don’t tell anybody what the prize for winning is.


I am almost completely indifferent to these invasions. I think the main reason this is would be because it is unlikely I would be able to participate in any battle that the outcome of would matter to me at all.

The invasions of a system are over fairly fast, at least the ones near me, and the COVID-19 pandemic has me hella tired. I would like it if battles over systems would drag on for some minimum number of days such that people had more time to fight over their favorite stars. I consider myself aligned with EdenCom from a roleplaying perspective, but from a game mechanics perspective I prefer the Triglavians because I tend to favor any change that disrupts big industry or consolidation of the game economy into one region of space.

Between the ambivalence and the lack of time, I find I can’t really be arsed to do anything but read about it. The systems can literally go either way and I would just adapt to whatever conditions happen to be present. I live in a blue star ice system in highsec, but I am plenty capable of mining ice outside of highsec which means the change would just mean less competition for me.

I appreciate the Empires and would like to come to their defense, but I wish I could do it selectively or that I had an option to fight for something other than preserving the status quo that I wasn’t happy with to begin with.

I know you do not agree with my point of view, and I do not expect you to feel any differently after reading this than before (if you read it). I just thought you might appreciate hearing what I believe to be an unusual perspective on the invasion since you seem to be disposed to analyze things from all sides. Maybe someone will catch wind of it and mull it over for the next event. Can’t hurt, anyway, I guess.