I am going to make this statement as direct as possible. The highsec incursion community is not happy with the 1 spawn in highsec. Highsec incursions had 3 spawns at any given time.

CCP, If the nerf or change was intentional:

Such change was not in the patch notes of last expansion and the incursion community does not accept this change.

CCP, If the the change was an error:

Inform us about the error. Then give us an estimated time the error will be fixed.


I’m Soren Christensen, and this is my favourite post on the forums.

(Seriously though, more spawns please.)


Eve Online or in this case CCP are both pvp and null sec oriented, or well thats what they are trying to force us into,
I get it, you nerfed null sec to kingdom come and need new blood to keep things intresting, do be so kind to remeber that im guessing a quarter of you playerbase is high sec carebear. And trhere is nothing wrong with that.
I pay for my game so i decide how i want to play it, whethere i blow a noob to the nexrt world when he unocks for the first time, or play incursons online

So ccp do us all a favor bring the incursions back to high sec and boost the trig incursions up to sancha standarts will you?

thank you. :slight_smile:


I recall reading somewhere that the Incursions Commander (whoever that is) has scaled back operations due to the Triglavian invasions. I suspect you Incursion runners are going to have to get use to this at least until these invasions progress to whatever they are going to turn into.

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That i dont mind, but there is scaling back and there well we get maby one incursion in the middle of nowhere. i know bringing your bowheads trough niarja is content, but if it would stay up at 2 that would be nicer :slight_smile:


Today CCP released the miner conduit site. It’s a 1 to 3 man site that you get to MINE in once complete.

Read the patch notes, lol

Find that claim and link it please

then CCP better get used to ‘unsubbing’



  • Reduced jam duration on Hornet EC-300, Vespa EC-600, and Wasp EC-900 to 5 seconds (was 20 seconds)

Cool, now the drones are useless gimmick items now.

So when are the Caldari getting some love from the powers that be??


Who cares about your complains, null sec moguls are satisfied and that is important, you can go …

I play Eve for incursions. 1 spawn in highsec is a big negative for me.


And there we go, the single High-Sec Incursion has been popped at the end of its lifetime, and the whole 250 odd players online in this HQ system are now out of content for 12 to 36 hours. And that content was already pretty shitty with so many fleets crammed in it.

Out of respect for your community, which you’ve already insulted by passing a sneaky nerf of over 60% of their content, have the bare decency of responding and doing something about it.



I hate you CCP - I’m going back to…


Ok, Ok, we all know im not leaving - BUT MORE INCURSION HIGH SEC SITES PLEASE!


Listen to what he saying, CCP get our ■■■■ together…


This is not right.
There are hundreds, possibly close to 1 thousand players overall who cant play their favourite content now.
Seriously, CCP you need to fix this.
And sooner than later…


Its not hard? you guys can do with a snap of finger, what does it take? we are loyal? do us right…


o/ o7

I have said this before on other forums and ill say it again … i more than happy with new content being brought in and i do enjoy the odd Abyssal site but you can not and should not force new content on players by nerfing current content CCP! As i write this there isnt a single HS Incursion!!

A HS spawn nerf on Incursions to force high skill HS PVE players into the new invasions content is bad enough but no warning or acknowledgement of it makes it so much worse.

Do yourself and your loyal players a favour and fix Incursions (if anything add in more or even a new type of site to run would be nice) and please get it fixed before SC gets its act together and your player base moves there for good!

It’s really not hard!!


While it’s obvious that CCP wants to push Incursion runners to do other activities, namely Invasion, what I actually do is log out.