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Couldn’t agree more, well said.

CCP get the Incursions spawns back as they were!


Agree with this. Trying to get players to play the game a certain way with the carrot and stick method, without the carrot, doesn’t really work.


What he said!!

Go back to nerfing null, leave incurions alone!


well, we were all unhappy about having only 1 incursion focus in HS.
now there is NONE!
not even one, nada…

suddenly having only 1 doesn’t look that bad after all.


They did say they would do this. It is unknown if this will stay this way, go back to the way it was, or end completely when this is done rolling out. Zorya is here to “Exterpate” Sansha among other things. We will just have to wait and see how this rollout continues.

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You do realize that’s the main problem with having only 1 spawn, right ?
Being stuck with everybody in one focus is annoying, but manageable with some adaptation. But the automatic downtime from respawn time + the obligatory highsec island spawns are the unavoidable issue.

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Here’s the deal: CCP loves micro-transactions. It wants players to buy not just subscriptions, but PLEX and skill injectors and all the other player services, because CCP is a corporation and corporations are profit-driven and all those little micro-transactions make them those super sweet profits.

Incursions are some of the highest, steadiest ISK in the game. Forget Concord LP, the ticks alone are glorious. I’ve played incursions steadily for a week or two - when the system spawns chained well - and didn’t need to buy ISK with PLEX for months. I can’t imagine CCP being happy with that state of affairs. It’s much better if the game doesn’t actually pay players enough, within a reasonable amount of play time, that players don’t need to pay CCP in real cash money.

The invasions don’t pay ticks. They do pay CONCORD LP, the same as incursions, as well as some loot, salvage, and ore. The difficulty level is nowhere even close to incursions yet, but that might change as the event progresses. It would not surprise me, however, if the invasions are intended to decrease the rate of incursion spawns in order to turn off the raw ISK faucet it represents.

/tinfoil hat


@Cordelia Clopton You do realise those who buy plex with isk still contribute, beacuse some other dudes actually bought that plex for $$$ and put it on the market, right?
So it is actually basically the same, just someone else paid for that transaction.

All in all less plex will be bought in game for ISK, so guess what? CCP will get LESS money.
I would be utterly surprised if real economy people would be not capable of putting this 1+1 together.

TLDR: CCP will lose money with incursioners not plexing for ISK.


He just said there isnt any

There are alot of HS players that will simply walk away from the game without HS Incursions to fund their account using isk meaning less people buying Plex from the market. This in turn will reduce the number of players buying Plex to sell using real life money as less people to buy them meaning CCP lose cash flow.

No incursions = less players = lower income for CCP


CCP doesn’t need even a single player to pay for PLEX with ISK. CCP could “buy” all the PLEX on the market as NPC buy orders and they would still be making money.

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Total War: Warhammer 2/Three Kingdoms
Elder Scrolls Online
Almost any CD Projekt Game especially the upcoming Cyber Punk 2077
League of Legends
Apex Legends
etc, etc, etc

If you don’t like any of these games there are plenty of other examples.

Plenty of reasons to leave. If you really can’t bring yourself to break away during a time like this then you’ve really let yourself get warped.

You clearly are misunderstanding my point. The Plex that is on the market that players buy with isk is there because another player has bought it with real life money to sell there. Less people buy Plex on the market the less revenue for CCP.

Yes CCP would still make money without plex on the market but their revenue would take a hit.

I understand how PLEX is bought with ISK by players. You are missing my point: CCP could just as easily cut out the middle man and exchange the PLEX for ISK on the market through NPC buy orders. They would make just as much money as ever, even moreso in fact, because no one would pay for the game with ISK anymore. Do you honestly believe CCP cares if players who never pay for their subscriptions with real currency leave the game?


Less players means less content, which eventually means the death of EVE.


Shrugs. I guess we’re all about to find out how much CCP really cares about the particular area of “content” which are incursions in EVE. They’ve never had a lot of love for the PVE aspect of the game, and I think they fully intend to replace the aged and buggy content of incursions with invasions. No one outside of the relatively small incursion community really cares if incursions suffer for it. The CSM is dominated by a bunch of dudes who don’t even know the first thing about incursions, so I doubt you’ll get much help there.


Suggesting WoW, dota, and/or LoL are equal to any of the Total War games (especially a Warhammer one) and are a viable alternative to EvE?! Nine and Thirty years in the Isocubes for you!


Devil is in the details, Invasion is good idea but implementation was awful …
Invasion in HS was worst solution but CCP break under pressure of null moguls. Invasion have chance to be epic Invasion fleet against nul sec capital and Titan fleet. That is a content Eve players want …
But CCP again missed opportunity to do something great, nwm ccp will take consequence of their actions

Have you accidentally heard how CCP are advertising this game?
“Extraordinary level of resemblance that Eve online has to real-world economics”

Where goes the idea of ​​non-interference of developers, to the markets where players trading?
What about the economists who CPP hire to keep an eye on it?
Do you actually play the same game, as us?

It seems you did not understand the basic idea here.