Again about Sansha Incursions

we who are running sansha incursions in high and low sec still need more incursion spawns.

CCP decreased spawns from 3 to 1 because “nobody’s running it” (something like that). that was a stupid bcuz all knew they do it for stupid triglavian invasions (frak this sh!t, seriously, only totaly bored ppl or just noobs are running invasions since it doesnt give any affordable isk/h).

now we got 1 spawn in high sec and 1 spawn in low sec. most of ppl who’s running incursions do something like: running low/high sec → high sec closed → do nothing for 2 days → repeat.

the first problem is in those 2 days of nothing. its like 6-8 days of nothing per month.
the second problem (its not for me only) is in those incursion spawn in islands (without >0.5 secure status routes). if it happens, days of nothing may be increased to 13-15. and its already a half of plex (i mean i pay for a month of gameplay but recieve a half).

we need any who’s able to make it changed to pay attention.
we need low/high incursion spawns to be rollbacked.
nobody needs invasions, we need incursions (i say it like you, CCP, did it about incursion runners).

you, CCP, already nerfed PVP (i mean PVP, not 100500vs100500) with your stupid nerfs.
can i have ratting at least?

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I quit joining up on Incursion fleets when they became too crowded with the 3 to 1 changes. Did that balance out or is it still hard to find a spot in a fleet. Especially one that is running publicly ? Personally I would assume two Incursions in HS at a time would spread the load of Incursion runners, still allow for contesting a site and reignite the community a bit ?

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nope, its not balanced. just some ppl switch to another types of sites (HQ->AS->VG).
i switched to VGs (running it solo with multiple clients). but i did it before 3->1 for other reasons.

According to CCP charts , you represent < 1% of the community , they have other important issues right now. You had enough years to fatten your wallets and print ISK like crazy.

cmon. you can’t be as dumb as you want to seem.

what if i say that i had like 2-3 monthes before CCP nerfed incursions?
what if i say that fixing this problem cant take more than 1 minute?

about <1% of the community - we had much more ppl before nerf.
about printing ISK like crazy - there are too many ways to get more than sansha runners can get. all depens on your skill.
about important issues - pfff. it took 15 years to fix lag with drones (dock/undock or launch it from drone bay). it took >15 years to add “char select” button. and enomerous things like this. you still think that CCP cares about issues? how dumb you are…

First of all watch your language . You can talk like that with your parents at home . By the way that you type , I can tell that you must be around 13- 14 years old.

There we go . Problem fixed for you , no need for this thread of yours.

you did not exactly add anything valuable to the discussion other than a load of “hurr durr” to be honest.

Despite being allegedly a fraction of the community, OP is still part of the community.

I agree that CCP swung the nerfhammer a little to hard when it comes to Incursions. Incursions are and were part of that very little group PVE content that actualy exists and there are and have been by far more lucrative “farming” methods out there (hint : ratting for example) that despite the huge outcry at every little nerf have been and still are completly unbalanced.

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For an activity that gave you like 150 mil ISK / h, last time I checked, with absolutely 0 risk involved , I say incursions are fine where they are right now.

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CCP: “All players, please report immediately to Pochven.”

Why would CCP encourage deprecated content? Incursion runners should feel fortunate that the option to run them still exists at all.


I initially heard that they reduced the number of spawns for server stability reasons during invasions (which I heard came directly from the mouth of a CCP employee at Eve North). I later heard that it was to encourage incursioners to get into invasions. Now, I’ve heard that it’s because no one was using the content. There is also the possibility that this was done to address unsustainable economic activity (Happened before resource scarcity officially kicked off, but after other income changes and CCP’s Quant’s “infamous rant”.

So what’s the truth of the matter? Hell if I know.

Anyway, increasing the incursion spawn rate would likely have economic ramifications. Suddenly, the content could support more real fleets and more multiboxers -and A LOT of players would probably start running incursions considering that we’re currently going through resource scarcity. Now, I understand that some might wonder how having a bunch of players engaging with content is a bad thing, but that’s because incursions inject an absolute but ton of in-game currency into the economy. And given the current state of PvE in Eve, I bet this change would turn incursions into the biggest isk faucet in the game right now.

Would I like to see more spawns again? Hell ■■■■■■■ yes I would. I’d never have to wait for a spawn again, and maybe I’d stop seeing WTM slowly become less and less newbro friendly as they adapt to the 1 focus environment. But this would also likely have economic consequences that can’t be ignored.

Incursions seem to be doing alright:

Incursions aren’t zero risk. True, communities have managed to greatly reduce the risk, but that is a result that is achieved through skill, knowledge, continuous effort, and constant vigilance, and not because the activity is without risk.

I disagree , you must be brain dead to lose a ship there or get ganked . It happens , but that’s extremely rare.

It’s not as rare as some people seem to think it is. And you don’t have to be brain dead to get ganked because communities pressure, incentivize, or straight up require members to fly ganker bait. Hell, even WTM has implemented a requirement to fly their optimal fits after 150 (iirc) hours of fleet time.

Moreover, a lack of deaths is not indicative of a lack of risk. Relatively few trapeze artists die every year, but that’s because they’re extremely skilled, and not because the activity isn’t dangerous.

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Risk is when you do a wh day trip and run sites there , risk is when you do exploration sites in null or j-space . You never know when that cloaked Sabre decloaks next to your relic can and bubbles you or in a sleeper site .
Incursions … 0 risk. In the first year when they introduced them I had a corp , we were a small group and decided to do vanguards , because at that time they paid the most and did not required many pilots , we did those for a long time , none of us lost a single ship to the NPCs or some suicide gankers.
Anyway, getting late for me , I respect your opinion , but I can’t agree with you.

Removed some off topic posts.


Risk is a subjective feeling. You can have an objective opinion on one others point of view but when someone feels it is a risk to do whatever and it happens you are doing such activity and feel it does not feel like a risk to you then both would be right, wouldn’t they?

Say both of you are ratting in nullsec. One of you is repeatedly being ganked by someone and that someone get their reward from ganking the unlucky ratter of the day.
You are ratting and for months you do your thing and hardly get any visitors to your region of ratting.

One of you will feel the activity to be more risky than the other.

lol, what ? Risk is probability theory.

For highsec incursions this is almost 0 , they are the perfect example of how broken risk vs. reward can be. You have very little risk involved for insane rewards when compared to other activities in far more dangerous places in Eve. They should be grateful there’s still 1 spawn available …
It used to be some risk involved at the time we didn’t had safety system , at that time you could make yourself suspect and bait logi to rep you while being in their fleet , that way you could kill the logi , now we have safety system …thanks CCP…
Jones here mentioned skill involved and community effort , I’m sorry but there’s no skill involved when you just have to press F1, anchor , broadcast for reps and listen to an “FC” , all of this being done in highsec …
Occasionally some of them get suicide ganked at a gate or while travelling , but that’s their fault there for being lazy and not being aware and taking precaution methods .
Level 4 missions in highsec used to be like this too , very high rewards with very little risk . I do not know if you were around in the period of 2008-2012 . Basically at that time it was simply not worth ratting in nullsec over level 4 missions in highsec . In any major missioning hub you would see a stream of 20-30 navy Ravens undocking and others coming in. Irjunen which at that time had the best agent in Eve , that gave the most LP (different LP payment mechanics back then) , I remember local constantly having 300 + pilots.
In the end CCP nerfed bounties and the loot table 3 times in a row for level 4 missions with good reason .
So yeah, incursions are perfectly fine where they are now . There was a lot of thinking about this from CCP and CSM and for good reasons they have decided to reduce the spawn to just 1 . Honestly , quite generous from their behalf.

as suicider, i say: hi.

the only reason was triglavian invasion. thats all. incursion runners were never top1 isk farmers.
the reason i saw from CCP was that nobody’s running sansha incursions in hi and low sec systems (btw why the Hek they didnt touch null sec incursions?).

now i see that more and more ppl are running sansha incursions.

why we have in eve endless anoms?
why we have in eve endless missions?
why we have in eve endless everything but not sansha incursions (again, sansha incursions dont give you the best isk/h and not the best risk/isk rate)?

ONLY when ALL PVE alliances (goons&test&pandemics&etc) are in world war. ONLY.

CCP prohibited isboxer (input broadcasts) and gave us endless anoms in null. so all multiboxers just switched to VNIs. nothing for lvl4 was nerfed so hard as you say.

iirc now those come with a cool down timer.

Doesn’t matter , payment for level 4 highsec missions when compared to highsec incursions is garbage.
As for missions in lowsec or nullsec , those come with a higher risk.

They do not have the best ISK/h or best risk/ISK rate as you say , what they have is a broken risk/ISK and that is good enough reason , also to my knowledge you still have them in the game…

You keep repeating endless … the age of endless is gone in case you haven’t read the recent DevBlogs, everything is going to be addressed and made limited and scarce.

Which got nerfed and it’s no longer the old VNI we had for said activity you refer to.

I should have known this from the start , another grrr goons stealth thread.