Hi Folks,

As a FC for a TDF (in game channel TDF-Official), I would like to share my perspective on “Triglavian Invasions”.

After seeing the trailer with Triglavians invading New Eden, we (TDF pilots), started preparing for this Triglavian threat.

Not knowing what we will be going against we created omni tanked armor doctine centered around Vindicators, Nightmares, Leshaks, and support logistics (Oneiros, Guardians, Nestors).

Our Expectations were amazing abyssal sites with wide variety of enemies, from usual Triglavian ships (Vedmak//Leshak etc…) through Rogue drones to Drifters + Abyssal Pylons that could significantly affect our fleet but also the enemy. A worthy replacement for Sansha Incursions.

We starter preparing about one week before the invasion was about to hit new eden.
We centered our Invasion dockup near Amarr. One day before the invasion we were all ready.
We killed our last Sansha Focus. And a huge number of our pilots pilots went on shopping spree and dropped literally 10+ bil ISK to get multiple DPS and Logistics ships + all kinds of possible refits for the Invasion.
We wanted not just to run these sites, we wanted be the first to kill the Triglavian Titan (that big ship we saw in Trailer)

The Invasion Expansion Patch day arrived, we were all anxsiously waiting for the patch to download.
All went smoothly, we were able to launch the game, saw the New Agency, which looked cool.
We quickly formed a fleet of about 56 pilots. We were not taking any chances and went with 15 logistics and full armor/skirmish/info boosters.

So we arrived into the invaded system, there were few rats on gate, we killed them in seconds.
Next we were looking for beacons with sites …wait… is there something wrong with my overview? Where are the beacons? Are these not sites?
hmm, after fidling with the overview for about 5minutes, we were certain that our overview was indeed correct, and there are not beacons in systems.
Perhaps we should scan them… was the suggestion.
Quickly a pilot in fleet scanned down a large group of Triglavians Ships in system.
…we landed, and about 50 triglavian ships were waiting on us.
Our FC Troy, started quickly shouting commands and tagging ships he deemed to be the biggest threat.
…and then …something weird happened… in about 45 seconds we melted the whole overview of Triglavian ships into wrecks without not even a serious dent on our side.
…“I was one shotting them” …one vindicator pilot noted…
Our pilots were amazed… “THATS ALL?!?” “…is this some kind of CCP joke?”
…we didnt know how close to truth that statement would be.

So we run these “Invasions” for about 5 hours and over time we lost about half the fleet to …you guessed it boredom.

We weren’t there for the ISK, but we got no payout at all …most of the good “Zorya wrecks” were immediatly stolen …oh pardon my english “ninja looted” by cloaky asteros following us around. :rofl:

So in the end, there is no point…
…no point to run these Invasions as most of the loot gets stolen…
…no point, because there is no way a public fleet can sell loot/salvage and distribute it amongst it’s pilots (people come and go every few minutes literally…)
and in the end the Invasion just becames huge INCONVENIENCE to all the pilots that are not interested in it.
…did anyone actualy thought that changing a system name and giving it a red tint would make this thing worthwile running?

So CCP please please next time you create a HUGE HYPE around something,
make sure you deliver ON DAY ONE, otherwise people will just loose interest in this game.

Yours truly

Looks like high-sec incurions spawn rate got nerfed, but there is plenty of null sec spawns.
Are the people that multibox 10-15 Ishars in Low/Null sec worth more than real people (a lot of new players comming from L3/L4 missions) in High Sec?
The real issues of HS Incursions never got tackled and that is single person with 40 rattlesnake/golem alts runs HQs and actively contests fleets with real people. …This should not be allowed.


Well is he using input broadcasting to control those? That is not allowed. Report bot or whatever. Othewise, yes… a huge disappointment.

And if he’s not input broadcasting… Then the fleet of “real” pilots really needs to step up their game


Or go and fit Rattlesnakes and Golems :smiley:

Different view point here: this is stage 1 and is supposed to just scare the locals away from the invasion points, not really kill off 50+ man BS + T2 logi fleets. These are scouts, you get an agility bonus in the space, which BS don’t take advantage of. Try running them in small fleets, just bring salvaging bots and a MTU. I’m sure that stages 2+ of the invasion will be a ramp up of the power and numbers we will see. But the early bird gets the worm as they say. Some of these mutas and books are $$$. I think this is a little premature, these mobs still do significant damage to a smaller party, and spreading out is more beneficial to locating fleets, as I think (personal observation) they spawn based on ships in space.

I can kill nearly all these scouts with 3 characters, and I think that L2+ will be much harder, more likely requiring 2+ dedicated logi and a fleet of 10. We just need to farm the content that we have in the form it’s presented in for now and when the harder stuff comes we can tackle a harder challenge then.

Veering off point you guys.


Amen friend.

I see the effects. Massification on incursion system, and other inconveniences.

An other question. Tri mysteriously spawn at tube trades routes. strange?





I think it was two days ago we had a fleet of 8, with 1 logi, and they gave us a run for our money. We were armor fit with only an augorer for logi. About 6 or 7 battleships spawned on us. To be truly effective, we would have needed a VG size fleet.

This is phase 1, its likely these things are going to ramp up. I wouldn’t call it yet.

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That would be fair enough mate, if CCP had not dropped a massive pile of manure on Incursions.


I get the point from the perspective of the fleet but from my perspective, a small corp with a few active people, we had a ton of fun with it. 2-3 peopel are just right for some of the content, and ninja looting isn’t really a problem. Got plenty of loot to pay off the investment into vindis and rattles we got and then some.

I think it’s a great start but it was disappointing CCP couldn’t follow up and deliver fleet content too.

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This shows again, CCP has no clue how to design PvE.


But they sure know how to destroy those parts that work.



Let me put it easier…
Invasion Status: Horse Sh*t

And when it comes to bots I don’t think that CCP will eradicate that problem anytime soon Havis.
That is my opinion mate.

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This expansion lacked isk for the pilots. The drops from the Trig rats where not sufficient for any fleet size even if no wrecks were ninja looted. Eve pilots have no problems fleeting up with other random people. We do it all the time. Look at incursions. WarpToMe, TDF, Armor1 and many others of the incursion community help out new pilots hourly. Gathering enough people to kill 50 Triglavian rats in a fleet isn’t a problem. CCP, why were the rats so easy to kill knowing large public fleets would assemble? Pilots received almost nothing in ISK value for those large fleets.


p.s. Fix your incursion spawns CCP

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Absolute poppycock; at 14:49:02 I received 128 ISK and at 15:14:03 I received 116 ISK. I didn’t feel my time was wasted at all.

There is fault on both sides, we should have had an orca/paladin for collecting drops and a couple of disco ships to pop looters. Having the trigs drop in on your indy that’s salvaging is just ■■■■■■■ annoying though. Other annoying things are enemy fleets that warp away then warp back to you 2 or 3 times.

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There were beacons in sites. But, as a relative noob, I cannot confirm these were actually Invasion-related. The one I saw on day one was an acceleration gate at which Trigs always respawned. It was marked something like “contested Gallente space”. Does anyone know if this is a standard beacon of some sort or really was part of Invasion?

I was scouting in a venture to see if there were any rumored mining sites and/or whether they could be done solo without a defence fleet. Never found a mining site but others on these forums have claimed they were there, but provided no details of how they found them when asked. I didn’t use above gate, I just went and ground down the many abandoned trig wrecks instead. In a venture. Think all salvage is sold now at slightly above Jita-buy prices, for a bit more than 500 mil. There was no-one contesting these wrecks.

It is not invasion related.


OK. I did wonder. (Out of curiousity; what is it related to?)

Guess it is one of the sites similar to this:

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