Returning player, looking for good Triglavian resourcs

I just resubbed yesterday, returning after several years. Never progressed very far before, so just posting in New Citizens.

I saw the banner in the launcher about Triglavian stuff. Then, last night, when setting a destination, one of the waypoints was drawn with a triangle instead of a square (in the route), and mouse hover warned there were Triglavians there.

So, basically, I’m looking for a good resource explaining what all this Triglavian stuff is. Either a CCP web page, or forum post, or some fan-supported web page. Just something to get me up to speed on what’s going on, and how to approach (or avoid, LOL) it.



PS - sometime while I was gone, I assume they gave away some PLEX. Was shocked to see 42 PLEX in my vault, when I’d never bought any before. Thanks, CCP!

I’m not sure what you are asking here.

If you’re looking for a lore related answer, the TL:DR is that a bunch of space aliens named the Triglavians are coming into our galaxy to try and tear us a new one. The empires are fighting them back and you as a capsuleer can choose to either side with the Triglavians or Factions.

If you’re looking for gameplay related answer, the TL:DR is that there are 3 major new aspects of gameplay.

1 - Triglavian Invasion - these are basically Triglav Incursions, similar to Sansha Incursions
2 - Abyssal Deadspace - these are instanced, three-room dungeons with some rats and loot
3 - Triglavian Invasion Part 2 - fleet focused sites where your fleet can shoot Trigs/Empire for a chance at loot and blueprints

Thanks, it’s the gameplay-related aspect.

For #1, I assume that’s what I saw in my route information. The highlighted system must have had a Trig invasion, correct?

For #2, that sounds like content I might be interested in. How do I access these 3-room dungeons? Where do I look for them?


You can access them by activating filaments that will take you into the Abyssal Deadspace.

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