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I have a suggestion for a new region of space with new content, both PvE and PvP. It will expand on the Triglavian lore already introduced.
I am aware that this is no small idea, it would be more on the scope of a whole expansion of the game. And I know that it will most likely be shot down completely. Personally I like the idea and thought I would pitch it here anyways to see what you think of it.
Anyways, here goes:

My suggestion is to expand on the Triglavian lore, and introduce a whole new region of space. This region will be a mix of normal space and wormhole space, with parts of abyssal deadspace added in.
My version of an introduction:

CONCORD report Triglavian region of space:

During the months since Abyssal Deadspace was breached by capsuleers, CONCORD has become aware of Triglavian convoys moving through normal space. Whole battlegroups have been seen escorting what appears to be large freighters in several regions of New Eden. In an effort to discover the nature of these convoys CONCORD, with the aid of the local navy, intercepted a convoy bound for a low sec system near Caldari space. After heavy losses to both sides the freighter was boarded and captured. Inside the freighter CONCORD officials found what appeard to be components for stargate construction, and a strange new filament not previously seen.

The nature of this new filament eluded the officials for a long time, until a junior scientist got the idea to integrate the filament with the galaxy-wide survey network. The results were stunning: A hidden network of stargates across lowsec and nullsec regions.

An expedition was dispatched to the closest system. Once there the survey team activated the filament and noticed a new signature appear in space, and after scanning it down they found the Triglavian stargate. These stargates are believed to be anchored in abyssal deadspace and only enter local space for a brief time upon the activation of this new filament.

Upon activating the gate the expedition was propelled into what is assumed to be the Triglavian home region of space. The preliminary reports indicate a network of solar systems in Abyssal space, with stargates leading out in several directions. Contact was lost with the expedition shortly thereafter.

Further expeditions are required in order to determine the size and layout of this new region, as well as assessing the threat posed to New Eden.

Report end.

Here’s my idea:

The Triglavian region is a new region of space inhabited by the Triglavians.

  • It differs from Abyssal Deadspace in that it has no set time limit before you are thrown out (more on this later).
  • There are regular stargates connecting the different systems in the region, and travel between systems is open to anyone once inside.
  • The region is similar to wormhole systems in that you don’t appear in local chat unless you talk.
  • It is similar to abyssal space as it can contain certain variations of the Abyssal effects, as well as being populated by the Triglavians.

To enter this space you need to aquire a new type of filament. The filament can be obtained in Abyssal Deadspace, as well as in this new region. You must then travel to one of several systems in New Eden where there is known to be a Triglavian stargate. These stargates are static in certain systems, but need to be found before you can use them. The gate exists mainly in abyssal deadspace and is only brought into normal space upon activation of the filament. Activating the filament will cause the gate to appear somewhere in space and you will need to scan it as you would any cosmic signature. A set time after activation of the filament (5 minutes or so) the gate will revert back into abyssal deadspace and a new filament will be needed to bring the gate back. While the gate is in local space anyone can scan it and use it. Only subcapital ships are permitted through the gate. There are no Triglavian stargates in highsec space, as the Triglavians would not have been able to construct the gates there undetected.

The new region is devided into tiers. You land in the outer tier of systems, where the triglavian presence is low. You can travel around in this tier, and eventually you will find a gate to take you to the next tier. From there you can travel until you find a gate to go to the next tier, and so on until you reach the center.
For each level you venture inwards the response to your precense will be quicker and stronger. The rewards will be greater as well.
You cannot anchor structures anywhere in this region.

As for what to do:
There will be asteroid belts where building blocks for triglavian ships and modules can be mined. There will be exploration content in the form of relic and data sites. Triglavian convoys and mining operations will move around similar to npc mining fleets in normal space. These can be hunted for PvE content. Other players can of course enter and exit the region all the time, so expect PvP content as well.

The Triglavians will act like a player based sov-holding alliance. When they detect you entering their space they will form ships to kick you out. The strength and speed of their response depends on the size of the intrusion and the tier you are in. A solo player in exploring in the first tier will trigger a small response fleet which will arrive after, perhaps, 10-20 minutes or so. A large fleet entering tier 2 or deeper will trigger a large response after a few minutes. Like waves the enemy response will keep getting stronger and stronger until you are defeated. You will not be able to stay in this area indefinitely, sooner or later you will be removed by the Triglavians by force of sheer strength of opposition. In the deeper tiers you could perhaps run into Triglavian capitals…

This system will provide a cat and mouse game where you as the player must balance your greed versus when to take your earnings and try leave. Delving deeper into the tiers will yield better rewards in form of loot, exploration rewards and mineral ore density, but will also increase the response from the NPCs. Will you use a prospect to dip in and out to mine ores in tier one, or will you lead a fleet into the deeper parts to hunt for loot? Or perhaps sneak as deep as you can in a cloaky exploration frigate to see what the Triglavian shipyard at the center holds?

This region, and its contents can be scaled upon later. New npc storylines, missions etc. New Triglavian mining ships can be introduced, perhaps with a Triglavian mining laser version of the Disintegrator?
Or what about Triglavian capitals existing in the deeper tiers, whose BPCs can be extracted from shipyards through hacking? Construction would require huge amounts of materials only found in Triglavian space, making large mining fleets doing several daytrips into hostile space a necessity in order to obtain the ores…

Here are some of the benefits I see from this new region:

-New content.

  • I think this could be a nice blend of PvE and PvP content, with a scalability of both threat, rewards, content and paranoia to go with it.
  • It would make introducing other types of Triglavian ships, modules, lore etc. more relevant and easier.
  • The region would provide challenges to both solo players as well as corps/alliances.
  • With no player entity able to hold sov or construct structures in space it would be free for all.
  • As no capitals are allowed to enter through the gates, and with no structures being anchorable, no players would be able to use caps here. As such it would provide a more level playing field.
  • Daytrips, or short hops, is the name of the game. Shorter bursts of gameplay for those who prefer to play for shorter amounts of time. Or larger groups could send whole mining expeditions backed up by combat ships, to try to get as much ore as possible before the response fleets become too strong to handle. The longer you stay the more prepared you must be.

Thanks for reading to the end!
Like I said at the start, this is not a small change to the game. My suggestion is the size of a large expansion, and as such I have no illusion of it being implemented. I post it here simply to hear your opinions on it.
Personally I think it would add a lot of content to the game, but I am just one person. And I am often wrong. So I would love to hear your thoughts about it, both good and bad. And if enough people think it’s a good idea, perhaps CCP will use a part of it for some future update?


This a decent idea but I am a bit confused, how do the ‘tiers’ work and will killing the triglaivians drop loot or will you have to scan down and find triglaivian survey caches?

Good questions, and thank you for the feedback.

The way I pictured the tiers is that the Triglavians structured the gate network as a hub-and-spoke system. A bullseye, if you will. Most gates lead long the circumference of the system, with only a few gates moving inwards. These gates could be set up as chokepoints and gatecamps by the triglavian if you poke them enough… At the center is a single system containing the Triglavian homeworld/capitol, and the juiciest sites/loot.

As for loot I haven’t given that much thought to the details. Perhaps certain elite triglavians will move around, dropping loot when killed. Or loot containers similar to the ones found in abyssal deadspace. Or a combination…

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You would think that the capitol would be very reinforced, so youd need a cap fleet to fight the presumably thousands of triglaivians ships. Am I right i this assumption? Also, would cynos work in the region?

You would expect heavy resistance there, and you shouldn’t expect to stay there for long. This is certain. You should also expect hostiles on the gate.

I want the response from the triglavians to be somewhat like an alliance made up of real players. We don’t all sit in our ships, in space, aligned to a gate waiting for the second someone jumps in. We are mining, ratting, station spinning, afk etc. So some formup time is to be expected. Same with the triglavians. As you get closer to the centre there will be more ships ready to fight at short notice, as more triglavians live there, but you won’t find their entire fleet combat ready at all times. So with a sufficiently large fleet (or as a cloaky solo player) you’d be able to break/escape the gate camp. Then you’d have to dodge/fight the first response fleet, and any subsequent fleets.

As for capitals and cynos… Caps won’t be able to gate in, and since you are in abyssal space you can’t light cynos. An argument could also be made that the region of space is so far away that jump drives can’t reach.


What about sub caps that use cynos? Black ops and bombers, etc.

In my mind the only way in is through the gate. As for being able to light covert cynos and move through the region that way, once you are already in, is not something I have considered.

I would think that it would be an interesting way to avoid triglaivian fleets and combined with cloaky ships you could hide

Very true, it would add some depth and options to the region.

This idea is really good, I’m surprised literally noone else comments on this

Instanced space was a mistake, adding more is bad.

It wouldn’t be instanced though, it would be a whole region for players to go to from anywhere in new eden. It isn’t instanced because you’re not alone, other players can try and kill you and get your loot. Just because you’re using a filament doesn’t mean it’s instanced.

That’s not what OP indicated.

Can you show me where he said it would be instanced? I think I’m missing it.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Like Azar said, I do not intend for the region to be instanced. If that was implied from what I wrote I apologize.
The idea is that the region will function like a regular region does today, in this regard. You can’t hold sov there, and there will be a strong npc presence responding to player incursions.

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