Triglavian Combat Anomalies

I think that Triglavian Combat Anomalies would increase the play value of the Abyssal sites as a whole.

The sites would span in a system randomly like normal combat sites span. Each site would be comparable to a level one or level two Abyssal site. The main difference is that the combat anomaly sites would contain Triglavian Commander Tags that could be turned into Concord for limited run BPC’s to produce Crystalline Isogen - 10 or Zero-Point Condensates from.

The second type of Abyssal combat site would be a level three site that would need to be probed down first before accessing. An increased number of Commander Tags would be rewarded along with the chance of a BPC drop to produce the Abyssal site components listed above.

The sites would be random types and would not require a Filament to access.

The level three Triglavian combat anomaly would also be connected to the PvP abyssal sites but could only be accessed by using a new type of filament that has a chance of connecting to a PvP Abyssal site or will simply return the player to normal space.

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you mean random abyssal gates that open into a system that a capsuleer could enter?

And that spawn triglavian raiders that would attack players?

I think it would be better if we kept the abyssal stuff in abyss space but triglavians or even drifters using a broken or ‘open’ gate to enter into kspace might be fun and interesting in a developing stoyline kind of way.

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I’d like to see sites in Kspace where the Trigs have started to set up camps or something. You don’t need filaments b/c it’s just another regular Deadspace pocket or something. And that way we can start injecting more Iso-10 and ZPC into the economy without risking yourself to a 20min timeout or an accidental client crash.

Basically, it’s ridiculous that the mats for ships and ammo MUST be farmed in the Abyss. I can understand the ships, maybe. Since T3s mostly only come from WHs. But those are a very specific type of ship, not an entire race that they say they’re trying to make into a complete line of usable craft. Nobody needs to go into WHs to collect gear for their Omens or Caracals. Why do we need to risk dying in a blaze of poor internet service, to build a Vedmak?

And even if they say you need Iso-10 and ZPC for the ships still, why do we need piles of the stuff for the ammo? That’s why the ammo prices are so ridiculous. It’s not b/c the BPC only make 1k instead of 5k at a time. It’s b/c you can’t just go mine up a mountain of it. If they want Trig (and any other Precursors down the road) to catch on, the mats should be more common. Let the Trig set up camps in Kspace, with stockpiles of the stuff for us to loot. Or some sort of way to make the stuff ourselves. Make a Citadel sun harvester, that siphons off Exotic Plasma blah blah from the stars themselves.

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I want to know where the triglavians live and wtf they fit leshaks through the gates…

Lets be honest, lore wise its so full of holes you may aswell just stick it in the fridge and call it cheese.

Lets be copletely honest here, the first time we should have seen trigs doing anything it should hhave been scannable abyss gates in drifter wormholes and the drifters being attacked…

I do think it’s disappointing that we can’t do anything special with the Trig ships in the Abyss sites. I feel like they should get role bonuses for something. Like an extension on the 20 min timer, since the rats don’t seem to have a time crunch.


That eats away at me it really does. It makes no sense. I suppose not much of it does…

After a while (a short while) it become all rather boring too.

3 gates, 3 pockets, 3 groups of the same rats repeated over and over.

First: the wrong forum section. There is a official trash bean for *** ideas like that one.

Second: you are trying to make abyss loot prices go down so heavily, that no one will bother with normal abyss space any more.

Third: abyss space is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Best solution ever. You must commit to the danger of loosing your ship while go there, that’s the plan, that’s how it works and must work in future. Eve got very special place and it is awesome, that eve is so different in a good way. Do not mix sand in sandbox, do not fix what is not broken, please.

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For me whether it drops loot or not is inconsequential, there should have been some sort of triglavian incursions into empire space .

continuity i think is the word?

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Why not just make it to where there is mineable materials in the 3 man frigate trig sites? You can easily do tier 2’s by yourself in a hawk. Maybe bump it up to a tier 3 with two hawks and a mining frigate if you’re feeling confident. Your missing one DPS ship, but your rewards are greater for taking the risk in bringing in a venture/prospect instead. Time limits still applies, so you can only mine so much before you have to gtfo.


So you’re going to burn 3 Filaments in order to bring 2 DPS and 1 Miner, and hope the Miner doesn’t get primary’d and die before you can clear the room. So you can try and gather as much of the Trig ore as possible in 20 min before the pocket collapses and everyone dies. That means either the Trig asteroids have to be very small so you can finish them off quickly. Or they have to be limited to the 3rd pocket, so you don’t waste time mining and can’t clear the other rooms.

Even then, I think it’s dumb to base an entire racial line of ships on a resource that can only be gathered 20 min at a time, at extreme risk to your ship. It would be like putting every asteroid belt inside Recon 3, and you have to mine quickly before your ship just randomly explodes.

It was a cute trope to make a couple rare Trig ships that came from Abyss mats. Like it was cute to make T3Cs come from WHs. But if they want to make a complete line of Trig and other Precursors, they need to make the mats easier to come by. Null Sec sites, sure. But 20 min or die Abyss sites, it’s too much to really sustain. Which is why the prices are sky high.

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I assumed you could jump your mining frigate in after your DPS kill the first room, then mine whatever is in there. While the mining frigate is working on the first room, then your DPS clears the second room. I say all this assuming that you can stay in a previous room while your squad moves on to the next. Small asteroids aren’t a bad idea. Resource wars, while admittedly poorly implemented, did make mining a little more fun by giving you a time limit. It made you want to mine things as fast as possible. You usually accomplished this by cutting off your miner half way through the cycle because of how small the amount was, but if you messed up then you wasted a little bit more time.

This is just an idea though and CCP gonna do what CCP gonna do ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(that’s likely what’s on its way right now btw, the world tour isn’t named “Invasion” for no reason - I’m pretty confident that’ll be a major expansion title)


hopefully maybe

I have too agree with both of you and I like @Marcus_Gideon idea of Triglavian ships having longer time in the abyss.

Though instead of known space incursions I’d rather have new larger Abyssal Deadspace with different filaments. Something that lets in 9-12 person fleets with a bit of a mass limit. So you can bring say 3 Trig Logi, and 9 Trig Cruisers - or 3 Logi and 6 BS, or mix and match combo, of frig/cruiser/bs and logi.

Then you get say 20-30 mins for empire fleets and 45 mins for Triglavian fleets. Mixed fleets can be risked but non triglavian ships don’t get time extension.

Lore wise, can have the triglavian fleets assisting against Drifters and Rogue non aligned drones. Non-Trig ships going either or side. (i.e. who ever the fleet aggros first, the opposite side npc retreats / if fleet is ballz-y and aggro’s both… well let the games begin!)

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They’re not constructing mega capital ships in the abyss not to invade normal space we just have to wait

The Triglavian story is evolving and CCP appears to be positioning them as a major player. I don’t believe the existing Abyssal sites should change - they were intended to provide short session content. There isn’t much CCP can do to fix unreliable Internet connections but there is other content available.

To meet the requirements to build significant numbers of Triglavian ships will need a new type of content - which has been hinted and is likely part of the Invasion theme. I would expect new content to spawn in normal rather than instanced space.


Oh cool! I would reconsider shooting them if I wasn’t limited by this 20 minute countdown.
Tier 1-3 site are okay but if you wanna tank tier 4 and 5, you end up running out of time with way too expensive gear to yolo into PVE.

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1.4 bil gila will do t4’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll skip them entirely with those odds. When I want to risk some bling, I want to be sure enough to win and not get punished for fighting the server.

It isn’t the amount you lose - it’s the amount you win minus the amount you lose (plus the enjoyment you get from the activity) that represents your profit. If you aren’t happy with that - don’t do the activity.

Ships are consumables - the game economy wouldn’t work otherwise.