Triglavian quest suggestion

Have a questing system for tri. where you go to proofing grounds from their space to abyss space.
In a nutshell when you enter you have to sit in one of 3 pockets and wait for another capsuleer to show up.
Might have to disable the cloaking and implement shrinking of the bubble in order to avoid exploits. (avoiding fight so other person runs out of time)
Even maybe even use the same filaments. The difference would be from which space you are activating it. Have a mechanic for the tri space chalanger to see if its a good time to activate the filiment or possibly give the ability to go in and out of the empty bubble unless capsuleer pops in, then your ticket to the abyss is used up.
2nd room seems like a good place to switch the encounter to pvp match
the winner gets all 3 gates (3rd room / k space / tri space)
the looser’s capsule gets 3 options (get shot down, go blow yourself up in the shrinking bubble, go through winners gate)

That will make abyssal items even more valued and not as easy to grind.
Would be a good way to introduce a different way of getting triglavian standing if you win the duel.

The Abyss (instanced PvP) was a design mistake, we don’t need to add to it, we need to remove it.


I disagree, but it’s your opinion.
what happened to hi risk / high reward ideology?
Obyss without someone following you into it for your shiny ship would get mundane.

In the REAL GAME 100 ships can follow you, so the instance is low risk, at worst a 1v1.

Plus, they nerfed the real game to make 1v1 work in the Abyss, so ya, it’s a nightmare.

Where do you see “high risk” in Abyss? If you can make 900M per hour with a 200M ship, there is no “high risk” as you can replace your ship after one trip to the Abyss.

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