Abyssal Raid Region

To iterate on Abyssal content for Group & Solo Content that enables to collect future higher Tier components and Blueprints for future Triglavian ships like Triglavian Carriers / FAX / T2 / T3 etc.

A seasonal randomized Abyssal Region that is accessible by Filaments collected through regular Abyssal Filaments.
Will have 10 to 15 Systems that are connected by random Gate Connections and have 3 to 5 Extraction Gates that are the only way to exit the Region beside death.
The systems then serve as spawn areas of Combat, Hacking (and Mining) Sites intended for either Solo or Group Gameplay.
Players can run them, hunt players in sites or camp the extraction gates to collect the loot of those sites.
After 2 or 4 weeks the Region will be newly generated.

Extraction into Known Space will spawn one random into Pochven.

Basically Looter Shooter Gameplay but for EVE Spaceships.

EvE dont need more Instanced areas ! the few we have are already enough.
EvE already has enough Triglavian Ships to field on and they are very strong.
a FAX i could imagine but not a Carrier or T3 and we already heave enough T2 Ships to field.

solo content are also more then enough evailable but “real” Fleet PvE arent out there.
Incursion is the only “real” group PvE content i can remember atm and also this is come to “why i split my money with X other ppl if i can do it with X accounts and get all the money myself”

everything else you can do solo if you want.
maybe i didnt think of some PvE action but there shouldnt be lot out there for fleet content ( maybe in pochven but im not realy know a lot about pochven )

How is that instanced?
Everyone can teleport to it?
Everyone can hunt the ones in that region.

Abyss = Instanc !
Instance = Teleportet into “safe” space !

tell me if i´m horrible wrong that there are other avtivitys out there called abyss and they are not instanced

then read my text?

this said you want instanced PvE !cause you want more abyssal !

this desciped pochven with a little adjustment oO

so lets say what you written makes no sense and i want a better descritption of your idea that it makes sense ?

this means you want just more ships for pewpew but why ? tell everyone where is the improvement to have more Triglavian Ships ?

so you want to have pochven with a extra pochven ? oO

Why don’t we just expand on what CCP introduced via trig incursions lol? :joy: :joy:

I loved how HS systems turned LS for PVP. I wish CCP stuck with it more but they really just shelved the whole trig war, EDI, and Pochven area.

Perhaps CCP will come back to it one day. But for now it’s EVE Vanguard

Havoc is bringing us this.

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Looking forward to those patch notes. I hear it only applies to systems next to FW tho.

Well its a very much more hazardous region than Pochven. If you ever want to run away from a fight in Pochven you can do it quite easily.
The region I describe has no way to escape through a Wormhole or teleport away with in a Filament. You have to reach one of the extraction gates which will be camped regularly as well go through the System gates to reach one of those Extraction Gates.

I like to have more spaceships. Stagnation is death.

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