[Winter] Fleet Abyssal Deadspace Feedback thread - feature now available on Singularity Test Server

Hi Pilots!

Here at Team Size Matters, we have just opened up Singularity with an early look into Fleet Abyssal Deadspace gameplay . You can find out more on how to connect to Duality at the bottom of the post

These changes now allow a player to activate an abyssal filament, and choose to allow a fleet to enter with them. Up to three Frigates can now enter an abyssal encounter together to take on the NPCs.

This early look into fleet abyss gameplay is so that we can receive and engage in feedback regarding the feature with particular allowing us more time to make changes.

How it works!

You will need to be in a fleet, in a frigate (valid list below) and activate any abyssal deadspace filament.
You will now see two options, activate for fleet or just activate for you.

When activating for a fleet, an Abyssal Trace will be created in space but can now be activated just like any jump gate or acceleration gate. This is how the three of you will go into the abyss together. The player who activates the filament will not automatically enter the abyss, instead everyone can jump through the trace together. The encounter timer will not start until the first person jumps through. The Abyssal Trace itself will stay in space for 30 minutes before collapsing, if nobody has entered.

Frigate groups that are currently available to enter co-op together:

  • Assault Frigates
  • Frigates (The actual group, so this includes Tech 1, Faction & Pirate frigates for example)
  • Interceptors
  • Logistics Frigates
  • Covert Ops
  • Electronic Attack Ships

We hope to see some interesting attempts! Why not try an adventurous trio of Ventures in the Abyss!


At the moment, the NPCs you will encounter are the same spawn groups as their Cruiser counterparts. Here at CCP, we have tried out several frigate fleets together with varying degrees of success. We are very interested to hear how you can adapt to the fleet based abyssal gameplay in terms of the NPC balance.

The balance however will not remain equal to Cruiser Abyssal Deadspace. You can definitely expect that in the Winter Release, fleet abyssal Deadspace encounters will have their own balancing, entirely different from the Cruiser encounters. While we have our own ideas how different that balancing can be, we are eager to hear your feedback on this area. You will be able to help shape flee
Currently the feature only requires one filament to allow entry for three players, but in the final version it will consume three abyssal filaments for deployment.

You will also be able to see that three times the amount of loot is available from the Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache.

How to access Singularity

The server can be selected directly in the EVE Launcher with no change or modifications required.

More instructions if you need them can be found here: https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/singularity/

Still in development

Because we are opening this earlier for feedback, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The experience is not the final product, and will change.

  • Art Assets will change for the final release, as well as new assets being made available. This includes for example the fleet deployable Abyssal Trace left in known space which is currently visible as a Triglavian Gate.

Thanks for reading!

Please try this out and tell us what you think of the feature, and what you would like to see.

-Team Size Matters

Note: I have updated this post as the feature is now live on Singularity for testing.


For today (Saturday 6th October) I will be online on Duality, and will join up with your fleet! Come and try it out. You can join the chat channel I created, AbyssFleets to chat to me!

Note: The market seeding on Duality is not ideal (not like Singularity), I’m unable to resolve this until Monday.


Will ask on behalf of others… What happens when one of the frigates disconnects? Can it respawn with his buddies? It gets targeted and killed? This could lead to all three players being podded by one single connection glitch… :thinking:


This looks really cool, but why only 3 frigates and why only frigates?
Are these a different kind of abyssal deadspace when activated for fleet?
How will loot be handled? Their are may people who aren’t satisfied with abyssal drops, is there a possibility for a rendition of the personal hanger array function so each of the fleet members has a separate loot pocket from the bio-cache?

I like killing rats, LOTs of them, have each pocket have around fifteen of them, and as the players dice through them, have a hidden flag that says if less than five rats are left immediately spawn more, to keep players engaged without stale and boring pauses in between.

Also I can’t foresee any kind of viability from EAS’s other than the Hyena, why add them to the list?

I wonder if that will be achievable with only frigs.

most AF can deal up to 300 DPS, I’m not sure this will be enough to kill the BS.

Currently my 444 DPS Caracal has no problem with T1 or T2s. Its not the outgoing DPS which I have a concern with but the incoming DPS from the NPCs.

Why why why why why why are you destroying EvE?


This will not destroy Eve this will make it more accessible and with this new content will attract many new players.
I’m serious thinking about trying out a triple multi box because it seems to me that it might be fun.

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Of course you do. It’s because you’re to daft to understand what this means for EvE.

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Eve will flourish, but your gameplay wil not any more … :joy:


Please share your insights as to what this means for EVE. Because I seem to remember that when the Abyss was launched, everyone decried that that would be the destruction of EVE.

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So, what does this mean for EVE?

If this content is not your cup of tea than ignore it. If you worry this will pull away your daily feed of easy kills and make these pilots actually better and more of a threat to you once they come back out with the experience and knowledge they gain then yes, you have a problem.

Abyssal is the testbed for CCP’s new GFX engine, it will spread into the full universe over time and meanwhile it is a good way for new players to get experience away from those who tend to prey on easy kills because they can’t get some otherwise.

Abyssal teaches fitting, flying, manual piloting, keeping and controlling range, choosing the correct ammo, when to rep (and when not), cap control, overall thinking ahead (strategically) and some other traits I can’t come up with this instant. It might be you could maybe use the exercise yourself.


Look at it the positive way lvl4-5 will now bring in multiple blingy killmails when they come back from the abyss.

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IMHO Abyssal is “new direction” in Eve, it is long time missing instanced “theme park content” and is curcial for future Eve development.


just a new way for people to grind isk and bypass any form of pvp… in other words more pvp stagnation… people jumping into dumb little holes in hisec instead of roaming around somewhere they can interact with the rest of tranquility

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Yes because today “PVP” is bad excuse for ganking newbie players by SP-rich-old-players and now newbie will have place to train and learn without oppression and griefing.

No more eassy kills.


You don’t sound bitter at all. I wonder what didn’t happen to you to make you this way.


Was bitter, now I am happy :laughing:

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don’t worry, eventually you’ll figure out what isk is for and have to make the tough choice to undock