"Into The Abyss" available on Singularity

Hey folks,

Singularity has now been updated with “Into The Abyss”, the summer expansion.

This is still in development so please keep in mind that some content might be broken or not available at this time.

If you believe you have found a bug please submit a bug report from within the client using the F12 menu before restarting the client.
You can find more information on submitting bug reports here - https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/bug-reporting/

Current Build Situation:
Planetary Interaction update - Available
Devblog and feedback can be found here - Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction

Abyssal Deadspace - Available
Feedback thread - https://forums.eveonline.com/t/abyssal-deadspace-now-live-on-singularity-for-testing

Triglavian Ships, Weapons, Skills - Available
Feedback thread - Triglavian Ships, Modules, Ammo and Skills available on Singularity

Mutaplasmids (Module Mutators) - Available
Feedback thread - Mutaplasmids are now live on Singularity

New UI Scaling options available, 4k should support up to 250% UI Scaling - Available

We are working hard to have the Abyssal Deadspace and relevant content available as soon as possible, however, at the moment we are not quite ready to open it up to you.
Please keep an eye on this forum post for updates when the content becomes available and how you can access it.

We look forward to hearing what you think about the expansion.


Awesome, but not much people will go there to test PI. Most will wait till you activate Abyssal Deadspace… When can we expect that? I mean - today, in two days or should we sait a week for it?

We are hoping a day or two.


Are the Abyssal restricted to cruisers only, or can you actually utilize smaller ships? Tactical destroyers, for example. This is something that wasn’t clear from the FanFest presentations.

Oh drat.

Keep reading. They indicated within a few days.

Cruiser only but no Strategic Cruisers.


Can you tell us how many new skills will be available to train? Just looking for the number and not necessarily the specifics (thanks).

Dont think you can say “Into the Abyss” is available, if the main tagline of “Into the Abyss” is missing the Abyss =/

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Cant login to SISI, it refuses to accept my account Username and Password reporting incorect username or password error…

a day or 2 so i should just take the whole week off… as if i worked

Need to start on this 9k word report on the abyss :wink:

Are we execteding a mirror any time soon on SISI?


Tested PI, 5 minutes well spent…

While the Abyssal ships/mods/whatnot haven’t officially been added yet, they are in the database and be at least viewed that way. Is the align time of the Leshak really supposed to be that high? The frigate and cruiser have more typical values.

This should make some people happy :smiley:

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i know the abyssal space stuff isnt avaliable yet but want to ask something to the devs. would it be possible to add hull repairers (perhaps also bulkheads?) to the list of modules that can be affected by Mutaplasmids before release? i mean, they also count as repair and buffer mods.

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What’s the command to view items and ships in the database again?

One additional feature that would be nice for PI is to be able to upgrade links more than 1 level at a time. I frequently upgrade links on factory planets to level 7 in order to minimize transfer time from launch pad to storage units. It takes 3 clicks per upgrade level, and if the link is short it is difficult to select.

Edit: BTW: the little changes are nice in setting up a planet like letting you know what is not configured correctly. I can’t count the times I lost production to incorrectly configured nodes.

Most of the comments about PI are going to be stuff they already heard at Fanfest. Big thanks for the improvements so far (seriously!) followed by fervent wishes for more dev resources to take it to the next level. Again, thank you - but - please - don’t stop :slight_smile:

I loaded up a character with established planets, but idle production.

Bug: tooltip “One or more facility requires attention” sometimes will flicker when hovering over installation info (Production, Extraction, storage, contents of storage.) Tooltip is displayed properly when hovering over circle-slash icon on a planet.

Related bug: Popup displaying contents of storage does not always appear right away on mouse hover. Is this data being retrieved once when opening up Planetary Production, or is the info being queried repeatedly? Sometimes I can get the popup to appear by hovering over the circle-slash icon until the ‘facility attention’ tooltip appears, and then mousing over to the installation icons, but further mousing over various icons seems to break it again, eventually.

Minor bug: Tool tip text “facility” should be plural in this context.

Could the holograms over pins be offset by some multiple of their display dimensions, and visually connected to their pins by a 50% transparent line and arrow? Because they are still annoying to look through, when zoomed close and attempting to find the next pin to click on.

Higher zoom level is nice, but I see an awkward tilted perspective when looking at pins that aren’t on the equator of a planet. This was the case before, but its made more apparent in higher zoom. Could camera target be adjusted when zooming in close?

Extractor Control - Units Extracted: Total number, is positioned too close to the right edge of the window. The last digit is pushed down to the next line, when Total needs 7 digits, at 100 & 125% scaling. A Total in the millions is displayed properly on the same line at 90, 110, 150% scaling.

Switching planets - while switching, the former “Planet Mode” loading progress popup, has currently lost its text. “no label” is displayed.