Mutaplasmids are now live on Singularity

Hey folks,

The Mutaplasmids are now available to test on Singularity.

Reminder about what Mutaplasmids are -

You can acquire Mutaplasmids through running the Abyssal Deadspace sites.

There are 3 variations of each type of Mutaplasmid:

  • Decayed
  • Gravid
  • Unstable

The current list of modules that will have associated mutators:

  • Stasis webifiers
  • Warp Disruptors
  • Warp Scramblers
  • Microwarpdrives
  • Afterburners
  • Armor Repairers
  • Shield Boosters
  • Armor Plates
  • Shield Extenders
  • Energy Neutralizers
  • Ancilliary Armor Repairers
  • Ancilliary Shield Boosters

If you experience anything you believe to be a bug with the mutaplasmids or resulting modules, please submit a bug
report from within the client F12 menu before restarting your client.

We look forward to your feedback about this new content.


The compare tool isn’t working with modified modules. Is that going to change or do we have to compare them by hand?

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60% TiDi, multiple unexpected crashes. Took me three attempts just to fit a ship and it crashed halfway into the Abyssal pocket.


Is there any chance of adding the ability to reroll/remutate abyss mods? Say I have have a nice Tobi web, I would like to keep throwing mutaplasmids at it until i get a decent roll, instead of rolling it the one time and get dumpstered by rng. Perhaps balance this out by decreasing the chance of getting an amazing roll, or increase the consumption the more you reroll it, so more mutaplasmids get consumed instead of forcing players to buy fresh modules everytime.

I think CCP intends this as a module sink.

Yeah, just a thought. But I expect a pretty brutal spike in deadspace/faction module prices once the patch hits.

i know its early to talk about adding to the list of things to be effected but any chance you could look into them being applied to warp disruption field generators? rather than them giving range bonuses (we don’t need to go back to stupid scram ranges) have them lower the effective range of them.

also is it intended that the sites drop fully constructed ships rather than BPCs?

tbh depending on the rarity(and as such price) of the plasmids i would expect to see faction/deadspace become lower in demand as people just oppt to use T2 and get equal or better stats than faction. why spend 120mil on a faction scram and risk wrecking it with plasmids if you can just toss ~50 mill on plasmids and T2 mods to get better than standard faction.

fair point

If the drop rates are decently low 50 mil won’t get you even single plasmid. And to get good roll you will need to apply multiple plasmids.

How the plasmid collection seems to work:

  1. Get filaments from data sites. Drop rate unknown. Only T1 filaments?
  2. use filament to do the abyssal. Can drop plasmids or filaments. Final drop rate unknown (current testing rate seems to be 3-9 plasmids from full three pocket clear but the current rate has been confirmed to not be final). You can also get filaments from abyssal deadspace but I doubt you would always get filament or the data sites would be worthless.

We wil see how the drop rates will be on release. But since with few plasmids you can get modules equal or better than faction I would assume quite low drop rate.

Not sure if this is the right place to comment on them. But so far with the mutaplasmids the only place I see real worry is in the speed bonuses on the mwd as it can really easily bring up the speedcreep of the game. Sig is also looking very strong there but far less impactful than actual range control that the speed gives you. I might sugesst smaller max speed changes for the mwds and/or add in a modifier for mass addition or cap pool penalty.

Another fun idea with these would be if they could modify the heat values in a semi fixed way? So that all abyssal mods have a random positive heat bonus.

I like them so far. Being able to name them, or if they could have some kind of random designation like sigs do so I could tell them apart. That would be fantastic.

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I don’t see that much people post here, but we definitely have a strong voice of concerned of this RNG stat over too powerful, and as always we know this is broken and unbalance but we doubt CCP will listen to us to really put any effort to try not ruin this game.


Please do not add mutaplasmids to the game. They are fundamentally broken and not balance-able in any way, shape or form. Any potential changes are band-aids over an inherently broken idea.

Please do not add mutaplasmids to the game.


after playing with them they are not all that bad. you’re far more likely to get ■■■■ rolls over good ones and it seems any time you get a strong bonus it comes with either one hell of a CPU, PG or both cost.

are ASB and AAR meant to be excluded?

i love how you quoted that starting after i said depending on rarity…

we don’t know the rarity so we don’t know if faction mods will spike or not

Here’s my feedback and only post in this thread, please don’t introduce this cancer into this already niche game, RNG loot is where I draw the line and my tipping point to unsub and abandon ship.


Please don’t add this feature in its current iteration. Coming from a game where RNG is curently the #1 complaint from the community (WoW titwnforge system) i cannot express how much I am worried that this concept will confuse and complicate PVP in Eve.


you uhh… you want to rephrase that? because if that’s what you meant then i have some bad news about just about any game with a loot table

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Noooooo! We don’t need any more RNG or some awkward space enchanting mechanic in Eve!






While I agree EVE needs more isk/module sinks, destroying the concept of modules as interchangeable parts is not the way to go.


The "Unstable Stasis Webifier Mutaplasmid " is showing that the +10% web strength as a negative thing when you go to use it