Abyssal Mutaplasmids - Rework to Skills + mini-game feature - say no to random

Would this feature not be best served to the community with new (invention) skills and mini-game, with some real (theoretical) science and engineering thrown in? like we had with with hacking or project discovery?
I would like to see a similar idea thrown at invention and reverse engineering as well.

What would your ideas be to make this a non random generated idea and more fun?


The whales CCP is after say no to minigames. The whales want instant gratification (or dissatisfaction, depending on the outcome of RNGesus rolls).


I think the whole idea behind mutaplasmids is that the outcomes will be inconsistent. A random plus or minus 20% across each of 5 attributes gives millions of possible outcomes. We’re unlikely to see doctrines or standard fits based on these things. Really good rolls will be as rare as officer mods and priced accordingly.

Finding the combination you want in the contract system will not be easy - it’s likely a new out of game market will need to be developed but I see the mutaplasmids themselves as the main tradable commodity - they are basically a loot box and the market will determine their value. People will definitely buy them for personal use - I’m not sure how the resale market for mutated modules will develop.

People ask for change and then complain when it comes - seems to be basic human nature. As long as CCP maintains a reasonably level playing field I’m happy - adapting to and prospering in a changing world can be a lot of fun.


I really like the idea about the Abyssal Mutaplasmids, especially because they will empower the solo players and make it hard to get used for fleet doctrines. But naturally this means that the “establishment” is now crying “Zetermordio” and seeing the end of EVE world approaching.

CCP, please continue on this way!

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