Let’s expand mutaplasmids in eve quicker

Now and the, bit slow as hell, we do get more stuff to roll.
Still waiting for cap rechargers/relays and dpu’s.

The way abyssals changed the meta of eve is great and I can’t help but thinking…

Will we be able to roll ship hulls in the future?!.

Imagen if we could start with T1 cruisers.

Rolls can cover 8 resists( armor and shield)+ armor hp and shield hp.
Ten stats to go wrong…10 stats to go right.

Just a general start to a thread that will burn like wildfire…

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No, go away


I certainly hope not. It’d pretty much force everyone to stick to rolled ships,
because otherwise they’d always be outclassed.



Sounds great to me. But those who have a problem can fly normal t1… if you don’t like to be forced into fits and hulls… then you might be in the wrong Corp.

Your selfishness, small mindedness and “shortness” is noted.


Do you PvP in Elite Dangerous?
If you did you know how fing stupid mutids are in the first place.


did you play poe?
if you did youd know how good variety is…
Still this has nothing to do with you having a problem with changes

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i guess you hade a big problem when they released Tech II… have you recovered yet?

Im going to assume no, you havent.

Mutids are copied from Engineers in ED. They were so bad they had to buff them so that you only got good rolls. Mutids use the older system.

In short, it pretty much killed PvP in ED, as no one could enter the field without having a fully Enginneered ship.

So, as well as hull, fit, rigs and implants, you want to spend more time rolling and burning plasmids and modules before you are “PvP” ready.

What a genius you are.

Also, as the other Leets will be doing this too, it ironically gives you no advantage to have them, only a disadvantage to not waste your time!


Edit: it doesnt increase variety btw, it reduces it.


so… its not so bad then. those who like it BURN their isk on Rolling, and those who want to use it end up buying it. Those who dont…just dont.

Still eve pvp wont change due to someone have better gear more than it does today.

But thats not going to be the end result.

Everyone will have the same “better gear” but they have to waste even more time getting set up.

Why you want 1 fight an hour instead of 5 is a mystery to me but thankfully no one cares enough.

If noncombat modules were also mutable, then they might be actually not boring, but eh thems the breaks kid.


i know… i think all types should be modde… not only pvp-pve,

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I think it’s nice that modules, which already have a lot of variants of different tiers, have access to random rolls in addition to those other variants from mutaplasmids.

Ships however are always the same. No variation there. If you see a name you know what you’re up against… up to a certain extent. Because ships can be modified already by putting modules and rigs on them, abyssals included. So even if ships always have exactly the same base, they can be completely different.

So if you want that extra abyssal resists on your ship, slap some abyssal resist modules on it.

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ofc your right.

I have no idea what you’re trying to tell me …
… and I doubt you deeply understand what you’re asking for.


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im ok with that. ty spell check

I am or I’m.


If plasmids worked on hulls themselves id rather it effect their traits, as it is the plasmids can give you more shields or armor on extenders or plates. Imagine some one using a plasmid on a faction titan and getting all red rolls on it.

Multi-plasmids were not a good idea. It’s a way to get kids to gamble and it only adds barriers for players getting into pvp. And of course these modules aren’t restricted in anyway by accel gates.

Imagine if multi-plasmids become so common that before you can start pvp’ing you either have to gamble your isk to get good mods or spend huge amounts of isk to buy mods from contracts. Either way it smacks of trying to get children to use mummy and daddies credit card before they are able to compete.

I’d rather see the process stopped (come on legislation) and the existing abyss mods become more and more rare.