Mutaplasmid - is this good idea?


Im null sec player, and i have a lot of experience in pvp and im afraid of this new method of upg. stuff. Why?

  1. Eve is competitive game and more RNG making it more unpredictable, so players will tend to blob more often to have assurance that they will win. Same with solo pvp = Less competitive, more RNG, new players, and small solo players might be more afraid to engage.

  2. Big solo and small gang pvp players will outrun other small gangs. If you have cash and you can bring 5-10 orthrus fleet with mutated modules, then you will have like 5km/s ships with 70km points etc. and most of guys wouldnt be able to even try you.
    Its more about ratio between normal players and players who can afford mutated modules.
    Disparity between these players will be bigger and bigger with every day.

  3. Big fleets and blobs wont use any of these, because of differences in every mutation.

  4. If you wanna find any module with nice mutation, you have to click and check every module on contracts.

I have a lot more thoughts about this but i think i showed my point.
Maybe better for EVE would be small but not random bonus for module? or for ship?
I think RNG will affect EVE badly. For Ex. Starcraft is competitive game and it has almost no RNG and players like this.

I wonder what our community think about this? :slight_smile:


Yeah, it really is a shame, CCP once again fumbles on the 5 yard line.

CCP is aware of these complaints via 100’s of posts in test server section of the forums, during the last month and even since Fanfest. They wish to improve contracts searching. The mutaplasmid max benefits were NERFED from the first announcements based on feedback. CCP usually wants to see if potential problems like these suggestions, outweigh creating some content around a desirable new item.

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So we will have some fun istead of predicted fights … Small ( well equiped ) gangs could now destroy bigger uniformed fleets … woah big corps can be ganked now …
New weapon is in the town and everbody must adopt no more living on past glory and old customs.


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