Mutaplasmids rerolling same module

Currently mutation from mutaplasmids work only once in a module which really puts off players obsessed with geting ‘that perfect gear’ mentality we see so often in MMOs.

This would create high demand for the mutaplasmids as players will wish to improve their best modules be they deadspace or officer yet they would still retain the base to work with even if say 10,20,200 mutations have made the module way worse than it was before.

I can think of a few reasons why this would be an inherently bad idea, namely that you could get perfect Officer modules without any risk of ‘bricking’ them. So no.


Yet loss is still permanent in EVE say you take 3-6 months to roll a good officer web and spend quite alot of isk on those mutaplasmids then you lose it,either to a gank or bad connection whatever it’s gone and all that effort is lost.

If you want to try rolling a good officer web with current system there’s just not enough supply

Your not meant to just keep re-rolling.

You’re gambling the mod. Thats the whole point


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