Mutaplasmids and sisi

I think that mutaplasmids should be seeded on sisi this would allow players to constantly grind abyssal sites in sisi if they want mutaplasmids on sisi
Why would mutaplasmid s being seeded in sisi a good thing.
Since mutaplasmids allow ship fits that are over on fitting too low on cap/tank them being on sisi would allow you to roll you to test fits that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to and would allow you to not have to keep large inventories of the abyssal mods you might want to use on tq just to be able to use them on sisi

That falls under don’t ask ccp for stuff. They don’t seed certain things for a reason

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CCP’s standing rule is to not add items to seeding unless it is something CCP needs players to have for a mass test or new feature release scenario. Basically, it costs CCP money (in the form of developer hours) to add stuff to Sisi, and they don’t earn anything back for that effort when it isn’t related to their development testing.

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Thank you for telling me that

If you buy them on TQ they will be in your inventory. Yeah I know.
There are the low tiered ones, just run them for the big ones, it’s not like you have anything better to do if you are already there doing stuff.

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