Why Aren't Mutaplasmids Seeded

Whisky Tango Foxtrot…why are mutaplasmids not on the market? Why do I have to farm this ■■■■? I was going to log in and do as may mutations as possible and put the results into an google docs file so that people could get an idea of how these new products could impact the market but you haven’t actually seeded these items.

I get that you want to see how people farm mutaplismids, but mutaplasmids will have an effect well beyond just the farming market. Are you guys being deliberately obtuse by not simply seeding these items so somebody like me can use the on 100 or even more items to give you an idea of how they’ll effect the market and the game?

Really…are you guys just this dumb?

Apparently the answer is: YESSII

Too similar to what I posted.

Stupid nonsense.

More stupid nonsense.

Even more nonsense to get this post posted.

Can’t you have a concerted CONDI effort to mass farm these sites for a day or two on Sisi? That would also give CCP some valuable data on how easily farmable these sites are by huge groups.

(I’m indifferent to the seeding. Makes sense for testing purposes of their outcomes, but CCP has still lots of testing to do to get the farming right in the first place.)

Which would completely defeat the purpose of the feature and is likely impossible anyway if the roll for each attribute is truly random. If it isn’t truly random, I don’t imagine CCP wants people using Singularity to figure out the algorithm.

to make sure enough ppl are running the sites and to give a better idea of how often particular rolls are.

if they seeded them people would just mass spam them to get ideal rolls making it much harder to tell what sort of rolls people will be “happy” with

and ccp is not seeding praxis battleship too. they are scared?

I’m curious as to how mutated modules will have an ISK value assigned to them, especially when it comes to things like killmails or ZKill. For example, an MWD with good speed increase but horrible CPU might be worthless to some and gold to others where CPU isn’t an issue.

Another thing I’ve noticed is there are only 200 “zones” or instances, and we are already seeing other players in some at the same time. And that’s just on the test server with a few hundred players. If it hits live like this, there’s no way that 200 zones will suffice. There will be 50+ players in each supposedly “private” instance…

well tbf the fact that they are “private” is just a slap in the face to eve. but no the low number is just for the test server

It’s good that mutaplasmids are not seeded, otherwise say bye to balance xD

PS: I Vote for Un-Seeding Shadows

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