What happened to the Mutaplasmids Would Kill the Officer/Faction/Deadspace Module Market?

So when CCP announced the Abyssal stuff there were a number of handwringing claims that it would destroy various markets for certain rare items such as Officer modules, Faction Modules, and Deadspace modules. But I look at these markets since the introduction of the Abyssal content/mutaplasmids and…my goodness those markets look fine.

In fact, I actually logged into to the test server and ran some of these Abyssal sites and mutated a number of T2 modules. After about 25 trials there was one module that was superior in every way. Note that this dramatically increases the costs of these mutated modules. Not only is there the time spent harvesting the mutaplasmids, but also 25x or so T2 modules to produce a superior module.

Of course this was early on in the testing process later when I logged back into the test server running the lowest Abyssal sites produce no mutaplasmids at all.

In the end these claims that various markets would be “killed” let alone disrupted seem to be the product of over-wrought imaginations who cannot think logically.

@Salvos_Rhoska, how you doing buddy? You were the primary doom and gloomer on this one? Can you admit your error…don’t worry my guess is no you can’t.



I’m doing good, friend.
Enjoying summer immensely.

How are you?

Its a good thing CCP made some last minute changes to avoid disaster! :slight_smile:
Dont you agree?

PS: I’m sorry your wet dream of massive T2 sink and T2.5 modules replacing drop/LP modules did not materialize. Nice try, though.


Teckos! Welcome back!

Some of the already popular shield boosters and MWD/AB have almost dobbelt in price, since mutaplasmids came long.

Kill the market? No not really. But it had the exact same effect as moon mining. Prices went sky high in no time, on the popular modules affected.

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what quality of mutaplasmids were you using?

I think thats due to purchase/sink by Abyss runners, rather than mutaplasmid bricking.

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I’ll never apologize!

And anyways a few factors going on

  1. people are buying mid-high tier mods to enchant to try and make even higher tier mods. This is keeping faction/deadspace prices high. Also some faction/deadspace gear is a standard fitting item for high tier site running.
  2. Mutaplasmids got nerfed a few times between announcement and launch. Rolling a t2 item, well you’re lucky to get faction stats, with bad fitting.
  3. Drop rates aren’t super generous, I was mostly expecting this to be the balancing factor, and well the high tier mutaplasmids are still pretty rare, a bunch of them already cost more than a high tier deadspace mod.

I’ve been rolling a bunch of t2/meta mods with the lowest tier mutaplasmids to get some numbers. The experience really doesn’t make me want to spend billions rolling higher tier mods with higher tier mutaplasmids.


Gravid and Unstable mutaplasmids are still fairly uncommon. For a 5% chance of getting an “op” module, it’s a very expensive proposition mutating anything higher than cheap Faction + Decayed. There are a few C-type Deadspace exceptions, but generally you’re further ahead buying an A or X-type than trying to get an Officer or X equivalent out of a C or B-type.

Some of the prices players are asking for Abyssal modules are beyond insane. I snagged a 15km/61.2% Abyssal stasis webifier a few weeks ago for 250m ISK and today players are asking more than double for essentially the same thing.

Faction + Decayed is worth more than T2 + Decayed (even if the stats are really close on the T2 version) and will hold their value over the long term.

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What’s the point then? If mutated modules are not that common to buy and use the biggest reason to introduce them is missing, which is shake the stale meta.

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The point is that it’s still worth it for T2 modules as you can often get close to Faction or Deadspace stats without the same investment as Faction or Deadspace. It’s also possible to create meta variants that have excellent fitting or activation costs - something not previously achievable (even with Faction or Deadspace).

For everything else, well - I guess if you’re super space rich it gives you something to do to pass the time.


Did the dev blogs say the point was to ‘shake the stale meta?’ Or is that what some players hoped for? Re-read the original dev blogs for CCP’s goals :slight_smile: What we see so far, is the result of a tough balancing act.

This is Rise statement from crossing zebras interview. Balancing? What balancing? It’s RNG mechanism, and if you for example roll high meta module level you’ll sell it at similar meta module prices, so where is the shake up? Not to metion due to people runing AP and mutating modules current prices of high meta modules spiked. It’s ISK sink nothing more. Wraping around this future of EvE is bad direction imo.

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Abyssal pockets have only killed the Deadspace market if you need an A or X-type cruiser grade module now. If you bought one prior you’re in great shape. For explorers, I’d actually say this has enhanced the Deadspace market for them. As I predicted, this hasn’t really impacted the T2 or Faction market because there’s an unlimited supply which can be accrued by anyone.


I think you hoped for a shake up, but, balancing happened early in the testing, when the maximum benefit of the mutaplasmid was reduced. And others speculate that the drop rate has also been reduced. Therefore, it seems that by these actions, that CCP did not want a massive shake up.

Mutaplasmids create just enough new variety, to make things interesting for some players.

At least it is not turning into a quickly abandoned feature, like Resource Wars.


The night is still young…


I think CCP was watching what players were doing on the test server and were making changes as they got more information. I don’t think there was much cause for concern. Most of it was just the usual “the sky is falling” bloviating that comes with most changes.

I’ll put this with your prediction that PLEX well be 4 million ISK.

Whoops. :sunglasses:


The Mutated Modules are in fact superior to Faction and Officer Modules. You have to find the niche that they fit into.

If one bonus roll is achieved and the rest are negative values, you have to fit the mutated module on the appropriate ship to compensate for the negative value.

A scrambler with a 10km range increase but horrible fitting and activation costs that would have fit onto a frigate in its original version would no longer fit on the frigate but would fit on a battle cruiser or battle ship with no problems at all.


gotta pay for that in eve…? sheeesh.

you sire, know what the hell youre talking about

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well thank god, … cause id have to buy some plex and sell them