Discussion about "Into the Abyss" update

(Predator Ace) #1

Hello !
So, firstly, Happy 15 year Celebration, dear CCP.
Now, lets get closely about “Into the Abyss” update.
As we had seen in EVE Fanfest, there will be new “wormholes”, with new Triglavian faction and new Triglavian ships and modules there.
Questions is: Those new ships and modules(Triglavian ones) will be available for Alpha clones to use ?
What will be skill requirements for this ships and modules ?
From which ways players will be able to get BPC for those ships and modules ? (if it will be the same way as with Marshal- than I think its damn bad, to pay 15-20 bill for 1 battleship (actually it’s a price of a NYX for example), so its just not correct amount of isks for such ship.
I think Alphas should be able to use those ships, cuz from preview they looks like just another “pirate” ship, to which alphas have access now, but there is no any information about that anywhere.
And what will be accessibility to this “sites” in general for alpha clones ?

Abyss RNG item enchantment is cancer
(Cypherous) #2

Its an interesting question, they didn’t announce any expansion to the alpha skillset and the trig ships require new skills so my gut instinct is no, they will not be alpha ships, although we shall see once they arrive on SISI :stuck_out_tongue:

New precursor skills for the hulls and the weapon system

From abyssal deadspace pockets

Well the hull itself costs 2bil to make in regards to the marshal, and the price reflects the 500 levels of PD you have to grind though and the hull has settled at around the 12bil mark which seems about fair

Well considering T3 hulls come from existing WH space those arne’t alpha enabled either so i would expect the trig ships to follow that logic, the abyssal deadspace pockets can be accessed by alphas as it just requires a consumable item and a cruiser

(Predator Ace) #3

Also, one more quastion, what will happend when i log off, or lose internet connection in time when i will be inside those Abyss wormholes ?

(Cypherous) #4

As you’ll be flagged as in combat your ship will just sit in the pocket until the pocket collapses and your ship is evicted back in to k-space unless you log back in at which point you can continue the site as normal until you either leave or get evicted when it collapses :stuck_out_tongue:

(Predator Ace) #5

Ok everything seems clear, but would be greate if we will get any information about that from CCP. really interesting about that, but as an Alpha clone im not sure how it will be affected to me. Thanks for answers.

(Wander Prian) #6

CCP just released the first information on Thursday with more details on Friday. Let them recover from Fanfest first and I’m sure there will be more information released.

Though it seems that they won’t release all information about them, instead we will have to play and figure things out, which is going to be fun.

(Cypherous) #7

Well like i said, its unlikely that these ships are aimed at alpha players, the same as T3 ships so i wouldn’t hold out being able to fly them

(Akrasjel Lanate) #8

At this point the anvser is no. Threre will be new skills for those ships needed to pilot them or use those new weapons.

About ISK price… there is no such thing as a “correct amount of isks for such ship”. It will be rarer than the Navy ships.

We should know more within a month.

(Beast of Revelations) #9

I have a related question. The SoCT ships that players active for 30 days before date X will get… will alphas get those too, or only omegas? Does anyone know?

(Cypherous) #10

Alphas get the SOCT shuttle and skin, omegas get the other ships aswell as the BS

(Beast of Revelations) #11

I assume noobs will be able to fly the BS?

(Cypherous) #12

If you mean the SOCT BS then yes it has 1 skill requirement of spaceship command level 1

(Dark Engraver) #13

We don’t yet know if CCP will include precursor skills into alpha set,I believe they might since there’s different tiers of abysal sites so the first tier(s) hopefully can be done by alphas leaving the higher tiers as a delicious cake taunting you to subscribe :slight_smile:

(Alastair Altair) #14

I think it’s interesting to point out that the new expansion seems to follow similar modes from other games. Specifically Diablo 3 Rifts. I don’t know if Blizzard got the idea for those from somewhere else or came up with them on their own, but other games have borrowed from it, seemingly Eve as well.

As a gaming mechanic having a multi-tiered difficulty, short playtime experience, wherein you can test new ideas for the game, is pretty fantastic. Listening to the keynote, it really got me excited for what we don’t know that is coming, but that the abyss will help bring.

Allowing this for all levels of play is obviously only a healthy thing for the game, but the ideas and creative that will be gleaned from player experiences in the coming months will only help them create new and better experiences for both old and young tenured players.

(Arthur Aihaken) #15

OP, I see an Omega in your future…

(Beast of Revelations) #16

Is it known whether the rewards will depend on the space you are in (null, low, high, worm), or will everyone have access to the same goodies?

(Arthur Aihaken) #17

I can almost guarantee that high-sec will not have access to the riskiest Abyssal pockets. Chances are null and wormhole space will have exclusive access to those with the ones in the middle falling to low-sec.

(Klatus Doshu) #18

What is know about the new weapon system in regards to damage type (uniform?) and if it get‘s the bonus from weapon upgrade modules (heat sinks, magnetic field stab and gyro stab…bcu not since it is a turret?) if they get the Bonus wouldn‘t be nice, if it get a bonus to damage types depending what upgrade module you use (e.g. Heat sink EM/Therm damage bonus, Mag stab Therm/Kin etc.) so that you can tweak the damage type. The overall dps should stay the same.

(Tipa Riot) #19

Therm/Exp, tracking formula, ammunition, optimal but zero falloff, increase in damage with every cycle up to a max, probably new modules.

(Arthur Aihaken) #20

Standard and T2 ammunition, but not sure if the weapons themselves are T1, Faction or T2. Suspected high cap usage.