Into The Abyss... Abysmal?

Well, after initially getting excited about the next EVE expansion Into The Abyss, post-Fanfest the excitement bubble is starting to burst.

PvE content for everyone, right? Except right after the initial presentation, various things start being “clarified”…

  • Limited to cruisers. Which was then revised to T1/Faction cruisers and then expanded to T2 cruisers. But no T3 cruisers because that would make it too hard to gank players in high-sec.

  • Mutaplasmids to modify the stats on modules. Except the vast majority are geared towards PvP, which means little if any benefit for PvE players (despite the Abyss dungeons being a PvE activity).

  • New ship and weapon skillset, which almost certainly won’t be extended to Alphas (so no new ships or weapons without that Omega upgrade).

And of course, various “aspects” started leaking out from the Triglavian round table:

  • High-sec is “too safe”, so we need to deny high-sec players the ability to run anything but the token Abyss pockets. And give PvP players a free crack at them with a suspect flag. That should force them into low and null-sec where they can be gate-camped and bubbled.

  • Null-sec space needs to be “rewarded” for their continued dominance and given the best Abyss pockets. Wormholers can have the next tier down and low-sec can have the remaining Abyss scraps.

Thus, these are some of my predictions:

  • Alphas: Sorry guys, no new ships or weapons for you. You’re going to find even the lowest Abyss pocket challenging (but not as challenging as the undock!). I see an Omega upgrade in your future…

  • High-sec: Level 1 Abyss pocket. This will either be a field day for gankers or the suggested suspect flag on exit is going to ensure PvP junkies get to pad their killboards with free kills.

  • Low-sec: Level 2-3 Abyss pockets. Low-sec players will once again complain that they’ve been neglected, that high-sec is “too safe” and that they should be given the highest tier pockets to generate content. And PS: FW needs an overhaul.

  • Null-sec and Wormhole: Level 4-5 Abyss pockets. Both groups have been absolutely quiet. And why not? They’ll get to run the richest Abyss pockets in absolute safety. Is that the sound of a cash register?


It’ll be as abysmal as you decide it is. Or, as good as you want it to be.

Each to their own choice.


You do realize that if a alpha gets the bpc of the frigate it’s going to be a field day for that person, I expect that the first ships to be on market will be over a billion.

is it confirmed?

I don’t care, they get more than enough for free play. Want full game? Pay for it or PLEX it.

Exit gates will have to be combat scanned so it’s not that it’s completely ganker friendly in HS.


Assuming they survive the undock, roving gank fleets and suspect flag on exit? Or did you mean the actual Abyss pocket itself? (which should be interesting without access to T2 hulls)

Is it confirmed? Not yet. But the fact that the idea is even being suggested should set off alarms. Even if it doesn’t go ahead, it takes mere seconds to scan down a signature and have a fleet of Catalysts lying in wait.

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There’s more than enough empty high sec to go around.
I’ve been theory crafting using HICs and HACs which I think will be the supurb pick.

Also I wonder if we can sell the multiplasid

This all will be so much RNG as it can be. The composition of rooms, enemies inside, loot, things waiting for you on exit. And the glutamutants will have as much RNG results as it can be.

Pray to Bob, Loot Fairy, RNGesus, or whoever you believe in. Even James 315 if you like.


Pretty sure you can sell the multiplasids. If not directly to the market then on contract.

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nah, it’s so stupid idea that I don’t think anybody is taking it seriously.

Yes, the keynote only gave you basic details while the following days presentations gave you more details

“expanded” when exactly because the presentation did clearly state it was T1, faction and T2 cruisers, they also stated T3’s couldn’t enter, this was all done during livestreamed panels

The tank related mods are geared towards PvE as they make much higher use of active tanks, what “PvE” mods do you think they could boost exactly? you want an abyssal relic analyser or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats nothing new, there ar elots of ships alphas can’t fly, none of the T2 or T3 hulls etc, adding new ships doesn’t by default mean that alphas can fly them right at the start, not sure why people expected otherwise

A PvP flag on exit would pretty much ruin the feature, you can only get the tier 2 pocket filaments from the tier 1 pockets and by reducing the number of tier 1’s being run you reduce the number of filaments available which would mean that abyssaly mods would literally be only in the hands of null blobs, which i’m going to go out on a limb and say, isn’t the end goal, and ganking will only be worth it at the start as the tier 1 prices will drops rather rapidly and not end up being worth ganking over, just because a flag was “suggested” doesn’t mean that it will actually happen

They still have access to faction hulls like the gila so i don’t think they are going to struggle as much as you think


If you can cloak as suspect (which you can IIRC) then you can either cloak+MWD on exit, or just use stratios/recon and get off. It’s possible to move a battleship through tama gatecamp with cloak+MWD (empire PVPers are bad at decloaking) so surely you can get off these sites. That’s IF anyone even bothers to probe and camp them, given that highsec pvp’ers would have to leave jita undock.

The main problem with these sites will be possible shitty isk/hr and pointless to run them. Apparently the best enchants will be rare as officer spawns, hmm, so basically abyss farmers will be common as belt ratters are right now (lol)

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OP is a care bear.

Why cant their be a feature in high sec to enable high payout and high proportion of getting ganked?

Whats the fascination of making loads of ISK without any risk and the extra heart rate when you might die or make a killing.


Looking forward to this, to make isk and to die A LOT and to kill A LOT.

because those new sites already seems very hard to start with, if pve players will start to losing their hulls inside and will be exposed to such simple mechanism for gank who do you think will do those new content? Gank is so hard in hisec that need that?

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There are systems in high sec where gankers may be jumping in like once per decade. I would say they would really need some kind of map expansion with option to see opened abyss filaments. Jumping every system with scanning it would not make it efficient really even when they would put every scanned system on a list “it was checked (and what time ago)”. Someone could open a filament just when scanner leaves.


That would make it to easy. I don’t know what your on, but I would lay off it.

Just think about it for a sec, if I could find out what systems these things where being run in. The only people to be safe from ganks and hunters would be null and wh.

So? these are the same arguments people said about wormhole space when it was introduced.

From the modules information from these sites, seems like these are going to be our t3 modules.

Well, gankers could potentially give rewards and set up a public channel in which they would take every filament report and give reward after succesful gank. That would make it easier, but still gankers would have to move the fleet from staging point and with a maximum HP cruiser ganker setup, as the cruisers may be tanked. Not really knowing if the filament is still there or was just exited few seconds ago.

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I will probably take my shield tanked Fleet Scythe through one just to say I did it… that or my Beli… but I doubt I will bother much after I have done one or two.

I think its interesting, going into a system, looting and potentially getting ganked or making coin. Also the other thing is Logi, Exit and get reps.

I always like how the counter argument is that high-sec players are care bears. Null-sec players are some of the biggest bears out there and have the botting empires to prove it. On a scale of risk vs. reward, these will be very profitable and far safer to run in null.