T0 abyss and thoughts on Abyss update


I demonstrate the T0 abyss below and discuss the recent abyss update (im an abyss enthusiast with over 800 t5 runs).

At first I didnt understand what is the point of T0 but I can imagine it being very good for new players to get more used to the mechanics of eve. T1s are really easy but still as a new player if you make mistakes it can be quite punishing. The t0s are a lot more forgiving.

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I’m not sure how I feel about you demonstrating T0 filaments with a confessor… seems a bit overpowered for the job and not something the typical novice would have access to.

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Are there any guides anywhere on what a minimum build to run a T0 or T1 abyss should be? I have tried running a T1 abyss now twice on an alt and have gotten crushed both times.

I used AceFace’s suggested Corax fit for a 9Mill ship + navy ammo to easily run a T1 site. Was on an Omega, but with only lvl 3 in Caldari destroyer. So, very doable in alpha.

How many skillpoints Scryptic ?

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