New to abyss, what to start with, any advise?

im new to abyss, what ship and fittings should i begin with is there a guide out there?

There are tons. What can you fly first of all?

i can fly Gallente marauder and caldari/minmata/galente assault crusisers

Ahh well maybe look up a Povertila set up to start.

I’d say try T2-3 until you’re confident and want to go higher.

There is a Youtube content creator Aceface. He makes like 90% Abyssal videos and has a tier 0 to tier 6 playlist. I can highly recommend that you check him out.

EVE Online - T0 to T6 Abyss Part 1 - Getting started - YouTube


Do a t4 in a nano punisher. You’ll be fine. You might die about 6 times before you get the hang of it but trust me, you’ll get there.

Some people track their abyss activity with this site. While many fits are posted, and for many fits, there’s a history of which abysses were ran, most fits don’t have “usage guides” posted, though some have

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Yes, and I like the search engine for fits

@Isleandra is there a place where we can find Aceface fit as the only one posted under the videos is the basic punisher he started with?

He usually posts the fits he uses in the video in the information for that video.

If you want the punisher fit find the punisher video…… gila = Gila video (there will be a few different ones of those) …… Ishtar = Ishtar video (again there will be different ones). Ie an Ishtar fit for a firestorm will be different than grit an electrical. At least at higher tiers. Low level ones it won’t matter too much

thank you I was actually looking for the fit he uses in his T0 to T6 abyss challenge he is currently doing.

That changes. Starts with the punisher till he gets isk then upgrades.

There are tons of fits and sone work in sone weather and others don’t.

It’s not a one fit does all

Here is my guide, but there’s others.
Check Hateless Gaming and Aceface as well on Yt.

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