Alpha friendly way to start running abyss sites in a cheap cruiser (Minmitar flavour) xD

I think the abyss has a lot to offer players. The environments are stunning, the rats look disgusting and pilots will learn some techniques like manual piloting, overheating and how to deal with random room and danger, especially if they don’t use an overpriced OP ship!
Here I run through a Calm Gamma site in a Bellicose, looking at the rats and hazards and the basic tactics to deal with them.

Alpha’s First Abyss. Rapid Light Missile Bellicose. Calm Gamma Beginner’s Guide

I’m player that chose looks/fun over efficiency. But guiding new players into ship without any reasonable upgrade path is big no for me.

I am not sure what you mean? I am not expecting any T1 crusier to go beyond tier2 at best.
The point of these videos is to show how easy it is to start with minimal investment.
For the minmitar there isn’t a lot of scope at all especially early on.
It is a ship that can be used on missions and sites too with minor adjustments.
What would you suggest?

cerberus, vagabond, gila, sacrilege, are all potential upgrade options.

That said calm is t1, and can pretty well be done in a bunch of various frig fits for 3x the reward although it also costs 3 filaments, I know worm and succubus can dunk on certain types, haven’t ever looked at a good min option but I’d guess a dram or firetail could find a niche.

Not too Alpha friendly there though, and a Gila on a T1 is a bit of a waste…
Rushing new players into faction ships is not really great advice at all in my opinion, learn to fly in something cheaper that does the job :slight_smile: And you do not learn a lot about piloting if you are just OP from day one, that is how you can get badly caught out.
Various T1 frig fits can run a tier 1
These are meant as beginner guides… T2 and faction hulls are not really a good starting point even if you can train them :slight_smile:

I agree 100%, just saying there are upgrade paths.

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OK. I run Abyssal sites for pleasure. But I use Heavy Assault Cruisers. I’ve run Tier 1 in an Omen. Electrical. I have used a Vagabond a fair bit. But I’ll not recommend that to an Alpha clone for obvious reasons.

Basically: if I was to try a Tier 1 in a Minmatar cruiser is think: Autocannon Shield Stabber. Either Electrical for the capacitor recharge bonus since you will have an active tank and a prop-mod. Take Faction ammunition (EM). An Afterburner, probably a Web if if feels sane.
Load the low slots with gyros.
Kill things quickly, use your speed to reduce incoming damage to a manageable level. Don’t be greedy until you are comfortable getting through all three rooms in time. Get the Bio-Adaptive Caches, only go for the Extractors if you have time.

Good luck.

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I will do a few a go in a Stabber, From what I have found any T1 cruiser can do a Tier 1, though reliance on electrical due to active tank is a bit restrictive when the passive tanks have never come close to dying in them. The only T1’s I failed were down to lack of DPS with meta launchers on multiple battleship spawns on a firestorm site and that one time I fitted normal launchers instead of rapids xD

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