Finding the new Abyssal sites?

Hey guys. Real quick question: how do I find the new Abyss sites? Will they show up automatically on or do they have to be scanned down?

Also, is there a guide anywhere as far as how these are run and the recommended ship types to run them?

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Abyssal sites are entered using filaments. There are five levels indicated by the filament type. You find Tier 1 (easiest) filaments in data sites using exploration or buying them off the market from other players. Additional filaments will drop within Abyssal sites.

This is not an event but a new type of PvE. I suggest you read up the patch notes, dev blogs, forums, and website articles about the space before you venture in as it is not the simple PvE that EVE has had and there is a strong chance you will die doing it if you don’t prepare.


And to clarify, “die” means losing your ship, your pod, and not being able to recover the wreck. You cannot bail out for any reason once you enter.

There are several threads about it here on the forums, but be aware that this is a totally new kind of site that carries high risks and high levels of variability-i.e. there is no singular fit or ship that will work on all sites or tiers.

You can also test these out on the test server and buy the filaments needed to enter them if you want to give it a go there first.


If you don’t know how to read all that was posted until now including dev blogs YOU WILL DO GREAT INSIDE

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Hey man lighten up. This is the new players forum.

Instead of posting demeaning remarks, how about posting links to the info…


If you are new, i would recommend going the T1 filament, i.e. the Calms.

Read the description of the item carefully, each Clam Filament has a corresponding negative and positive Buff. Make sure you do not bring a sheild cruiser into one that increases Armor.

Generally, for starters, its best to go with a Gila. You will need a ship that can hit small targets with ease, as well as deal a reasonable 400-500 dps. For T1s, they are pretty easy, but its still best to bring a ship where you can afford to lose it, and the pod as well, as you will lose both if you do not finish the mission in time. Make a jump clone with an empty clone pod, if you are scared of losing your implants.

If you see a battleship, dont be scared. T1 battleships have almost all their shileds, half their armor and half their hull reduced, sometimes even more than half. As long as you keep moving and manage your sheild/armor properly, you should be able to kill it.

And again, i cannot stress this enough. Bring something that will destroy frigates with ease. You will be spending a LOT of time trying, and failing, to hit frigates if you bring something with poor tracking skills. When in doubt, drone/missiles will help the best.


Great info - thank you very much!

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