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Hello and good day all,

I am getting ready to run an Abyssal site tomorrow for the first time ever. I know that I should start with the calm sites. I am planning on using my VNI or Gila and a naked clone. (aka no implants)

Are there things that I show add to my overview before doing my first Abyssal site? Are there any pointers you would give a player before they run their first Abyssal ever?

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dont waste too much time on resource caches that are far away from gate to next pocket/exit - dont be greedy.

watch your drones if there are any anti-automata towers

watch your drones if you have to fight any battle ship - they like to sit at the site border forcing drones to get boundary damage when they orbit. what yourself in this case as well.

watch your drones always - there are plenty of enemies that like to switch their target to drones


There’s been a few threads posted about the Abyssal content, might be a good idea to read them before jumping in. Google search has a few listed.


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Calm filaments are super laid back and easy and its a good idea for you to start on them. I recommend you get a few different ones with different Abyssal weather effects.

Switch to your PvE Tab just before you enter Abyss, while inside, simply right click any NPC you see in space and select “add to overview”. You will have to repeat this several times, very possibly throughout several different sites as you keep running them in order to get the full spectrum of all NPCs that come with various spawn combinations. Also I haven’t done T1s in a very long time, so I don’t remember but its possible Battleships you may have to add when you get to T2 or T3 sites.

Next switch to your general or travel Tab, add Abyssal gates to them.

Next switch to your loot / container tab and add the Cache and drill sites to them.

After you are done and are out of Abyss, make sure you actually save all these changes or you will lose them when the game patches or cache resets or something, they have to be saved, you can also export for backup.


I typically switch to my ‘all’ overview tab when running abyssals. There’s not a lot of stuff in abyssals space that shows up on overview, but everything is important.

Specifically, you want to keep your drones away from the towers that shoot drones, so it helps to see the towers and your drones on overview, just in case they decide to wander off in that direction (or one of the rats kites them there.)

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I watched a really good youtube video about how to run the Abyssal site. I get ship together and fitted. I killed the heck out of the first two rooms, I even killed all the stuff in the three room. Then guess what happened?! That right I got a disconnect and lost everything!! Lesson learnt, don’t run Abyssal sites EVER!!

Thanks for all your help guys.

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