Some 2022 requests for CCP for Abyssals


I would like to make a few humble requests for 2022 from CCP for this year :wink:

  • T7 Abyssals for battleships, no marauders. Just T1 bs allowed and maybe BC :slight_smile:
  • Make abyssals not be all about which version of Gila you fly and how much you spend on it.
  • Make some new weather in abyssals that give gunships an advantage vs drone ships - like some weather that eats drones? (no, Automatas mostly tickle the Gila and Ishtar drones). 90% of abyssal ships use drones. I only fly the Zealot, Ikitursa as a protest :P. I want to see more zealots, ikis, deimos’, etc.
  • Given MTU’s an option on right click on overview to “PIN TO TOP” and “Highlight → choose color” - so they stand out a bit vs everything else.

I think thats enough :slight_smile: Thank you!

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You forget:

  • Remove all Abyssal instances and fold content into Pochven.

That is actually a very interesting idea!

BS wouldn’t survive T7, not even T6. Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better.

There are several ships you can use, some even better and/or cheaper. People just use the Gila because they’re grindbears.

You should be able to pin-to-top anything of your choosing tbh, with the overview remembering what you pin so it’s still on top when you re-enter grid.

Then nobody would do abyssals if they had to be in Pochven. Its a mind blistering grind getting standings there, its simply a huge pain. Abyssals provide great content for newbies, helping them get isk and learn how modules work, etc. I would stop doing it.

^ that.

Or reduce the rewards from abyssal sites - as in I don’t think there is any need for T4-T6 sites.

They actually teach newbies that they can expect to get rich with no risk whatsoever, which will eventually create a playerbase that doesn’t understand or appreciate the delicate balance that is Eve’s economy. Imagine the bittervets at r/Eve, but this time the “vets” are these newbies after a few years… The absolute horror of wanton entitlement and outcry when they don’t get their way…

Oh, wait.

You seem to forget what it’s like to be a newbie. Losing a 50 mil ship and some cheap implant clone is a blow to newbies. There is a great deal of risk. You should spend some time in the Abyssal Lurkers channel, lots of newbies and not so newbies die in abyssals non stop.

So you are saying newbies should be running T4-T6 abyssals? I don’t understand this point of view.

There is a ton of content for newbies in this game, especially if they are Omega. Instanced PVE with huge rewards makes absolutely no sense in the world of EVE Online. You need to understand how EVE’s economy functions to appreciate my point of view.

T4 and T6 are much harder and expensive to run. It’s a great way to get ISK. They will get tired of them.

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